JetBlue Chairman Talks Search Funds, Investing, And Why Startups Need Leaders

Back in 2009, Chris Dixon wrote a blog post called <a href="">"Man And Superman,"</a> in which he talks about, among other things, what separates the best

The New Twitter Brand Pages, With Bold Banners And Pinned Videos

Twitter unveiled a <a href="">major redesign today</a> which will be rolling out slowly. We've covered s

JetBlue in-flight Wi-Fi service gets Gmail, Exchange

Hot off the travel-related press, is news that Jet Blue’s in-flight Wi-Fi service has added support for checking more e-mail accounts than just Yahoo! Mail and BlackBerry Mail, which were previo

How Do You Build an Airline? Offer Free Wi-Fi.

The Web is coming to your airplane seat, real soon. And not just e-mail and IM on one JetBlue plane. Starting in March, I am told, American Airlines will start offering Web access on-board, followed s

Free in-flight Wi-Fi on JetBlue with a catch, of course

This isn’t exactly what we expected in terms of in-flight Wi-Fi, but beggars can’t be choosers and something is better than nothing. JetBlue, Yahoo! and RIM have announced free in-flight W

JetBlue Uses Google Maps

Cheap flights and nice amenities. That seems like a decent way to sum up JetBlue. Only now, the company will offer flight-tracking via Google Maps. Yup, you can now log on to Google Maps via screens o

The Help Key: An Airport Tech Survival Guide

Being a very, very, very frequent traveler, I’ve picked up a few tips for how to handle the foibles of the modern airline system. Companies might their best to try to screw you out of free Wi-Fi