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Evolito’s electric motors look set to take off in aerospace where YASA left off in automotive

Back in July, British “axial-flux” electric motor startup YASA was acquired by Mercedes-Benz for an undisclosed amount. YASA’s electric motors generated considerable EV industry interest because

Self Launching Sailplane Uses Jet Engine To Get Off The Ground

<img src="" />Sailplanes are fun and all, but they are gliders at heart and for the most part, you have to tow a glider up int

Redneck rampage: a truck with a jet engine

<img src="" />Just because you can do a thing, doesn't mean you should do a thing. Case in point: don't take your brand new F6

New way to go "around the world" – the jet engine bed

<img src="" />California-based Motoart repurposes aircraft parts into furniture and their latest creation is the 747 Jet Lin