jet engine

  • Self Launching Sailplane Uses Jet Engine To Get Off The Ground

    Sailplanes are fun and all, but they are gliders at heart and for the most part, you have to tow a glider up into the sky before you can fly it. Obviously this is problematic since you have to hire a pilot with a plane to drag you up into the air, limiting the locations you can launch from. Well, if these creative sailplane pilots have their way, that problem will be a thing of the past. Read More

  • Redneck rampage: a truck with a jet engine

    Just because you can do a thing, doesn’t mean you should do a thing. Case in point: don’t take your brand new F650 truck and install a jet engine. Read More

  • New way to go "around the world" – the jet engine bed

    California-based Motoart repurposes aircraft parts into furniture and their latest creation is the 747 Jet Liner Bed. Created from the engine nacelle from a 747, their new bed features a round mattress and box springs. Just the thing for the…well, I have no idea who would want this. Read More