• Infographic: A Look At The Size And Shape Of The Geosocial Universe In 2011

    Thanks to Jesse Thomas of interactive design agency JESS3, we now have an updated look at the structure of the geosocial universe as it exists in anno domini 2011. It wasn’t so long ago that the International Astronomical Union booted Pluto out of the solar system or that MySpace was overtaking Yahoo! and Google as the most-visited site in the U.S. Well, a few rotations around the sun… Read More

  • JESS3 Is Fusing The Garbage Pail Kids With Silicon Valley, With Awesome Results

    Silicon Valley — long home to an array of eccentric personalities and world-changing companies — is finally getting the irreverent caricatures it deserves. JESS3, the popular design firm run by Jesse Thomas, is putting together a set of collectable cards showcasing (and poking fun at) the tech industry, and the early results look great.  We’ve embedded a handful of the… Read More