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  • Netflix releases the first trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s new special

    Netflix releases the first trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s new special

    It’s called Jerry Before Seinfeld, but it looks like the comedian’s first Netflix special will deliver the Jerry Seinfeld we’ve already come to know and love/hate/shrug about. Netflix announced a deal with Seinfeld at the beginning of this year, with the streaming service paying a reported $100 million for two stand-up specials, plus old and new episodes of his online… Read More

  • Hey, look: It's Jerry Seinfeld using a Mac! Someone call Bill Gates or something!

    Remember those Microsoft ads from a little over a year ago, the ones with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates trying on shoes? Of course you do; it’s all the Internet talked about for days. I present to you this shocking photo: Seinfeld using a Mac! Read More

  • What's the deal with those Seinfeld, Microsoft ads? We know the truth

    Yesterday, we told you that the Seinfeld ads were being axed and we were 80 percent right. Microsoft will roll out the next phase of their marketing campaign sans Seinfeld. However, this doesn’t mean that Seinfeld is out for good. In fact, there are multiple spots remaining, but it’s unknown at the moment when they will roll. There’s obvious confusion going around with… Read More

  • Confirmed: Microsoft cutting Jerry Seinfeld ads tomorrow

    We’ve confirmed with multiple sources that Microsoft will announce the second phase of their $300 million marketing campaign, which, unfortunately, axes Jerry Seinfeld. Waggener Edstrom confirmed the move tonight. According to WaggEd, Microsoft will spin it in a way that would make us believe that axing Jerry was the plan the whole time, which it is according to our sources out West. Read More

  • New Family: Second Microsoft commercial with Bill and Jerry

    Microsoft’s second commercial just aired during Big Brother and I’ve gotta say this one is pretty hilarious. Check it after the jump and let us know what you think. Read More

  • Microsoft commercial with Bill Gates, Jerry Seinfeld Here’s that commercial we told you about earlier – the first in the series of ads for Microsoft’s $300 million campaign to help prop up Windows Vista. I just grabbed it off my TV while watching the Giants/Redskins game. While this ad doesn’t really tell us anything about Microsoft or its products, it does… Read More