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Bots distorted the 2016 Election. Will the midterms be a sequel?

The fact that Russian-linked bots penetrated social media to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election has been well documented, and the details of the deception are still trickling out.

The lobbying is fast and furious as gig companies seek relief from pro-labor Supreme Court ruling

For four years, Edhuar Arellano has left his house at 7 a.m. on weekdays to drive customers around the Bay Area for Lyft and Uber. Most days, he doesn’t get home to Santa Clara until 11 p.m. On week

Does Silicon Valley have a moral responsibility to stop developing robots?

Should Silicon Valley exercise its moral authority to stop developing this job-killing technology? Andrew McAfee, author of "The Second Machine Age" and the just published "Machine, Platform, Crowd"

INNOVATE2016: New infrastructure is the key to economic recovery

New roads (rather than new walls) are, therefore, the key to reinventing the American economy.

California Finally Approves Online Voter Registration (Sadly, It’s Just 1 Of 11 States To Have Done So)

So, this piece of news managed to sneak under the radar, but it's worth recognizing as a victory for the Internet and for the state of California. Digital technology has been slow to come to some offl