Jeremy Allaire

Security tokens will be coming soon to an exchange near you

While cryptocurrencies have generated the lion’s share of investment and attention to date, I’m more excited about the potential for another blockchain-based digital asset: security tokens.

Circle takes $60M to grow its social payments biz globally, as it steps into China

How do you compete with China's homegrown social payments giants? Veteran entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire, co-founder of US based social payments app Circle, reckons you don't; not like for like in the do

Social payments startup Circle rolls into Europe

It may have started as a Bitcoin wallet but veteran entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire's fintech startup Circle has since shifted focus to social payments, launching an app in Q4 last year that lets users se

Jeremy Allaire’s Bitcoin Startup Circle Takes $50M From Goldman Sachs, IDG

Circle, the Bitcoin startup that veteran entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire started, just raised $50 million from Goldman Sachs and IDG Capital Partners. It’s another sign that the finance industry&#82

Brightcove Co-Founder Jeremy Allaire Will Step Down As CEO, David Mendels To Take Over

Brightcove co-founder Jeremy Allaire plans to step down from his role as CEO, according to <a target="_blank" href="">the company's fou

Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire Makes His First Peep After The IPO Quiet Period Ends

Brightcove may not have had the sexiest IPO in the recent wave of offerings, but the company's return so far definitely beats Zynga and Groupon's performances since their debuts. After launching its v

Online Video In 2011: Connected TVs, Social Recommendations, And Standards Wars

<img src=""> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>: Online video is going through many changes as people begin to connect their TVs to the