Pluto TV revamps its lineup with a focus on using lifestyle content and game shows to draw in viewers

Today, Pluto TV reorganized its U.S. channel lineup, adding five new categories and four channels to the service in hopes of offering easier navigation for its users as well as drawing in new subscrib

Netflix’s interactive ‘Trivia Quest’ will be far less creepy than ‘Bandersnatch’

Netflix is doubling down on interactive content today as it announces “Trivia Quest,” an animated quiz series that will debut on April 1. Daniel Calin and Vin Rubino of Sunday Sauce Produc

Live streaming studio, Culture Genesis, launches its first show, the quiz-based Trivia Mob

A new generation of entrepreneurs is emerging to refashion the Los Angeles studio system for the digital age, forming companies that combine live-streamed video, podcasts and the newfound social media

Keeping artificial intelligence accountable to humans

As a teenager in Nigeria, I tried to build an artificial intelligence system. I was inspired by the same dream that motivated the pioneers in the field: That we could create an intelligence of pure lo

A Date With Chef Watson

Watson, IBM’s supercomputer best known for winning Jeopardy in 2011, is now a chef, too. IBM pinged a bunch of the world’s top chefs, then added a dash of their knowledge and a large clum

The Final Night Of IBM's Jeopardy Challenge: How Did Watson Do?

<img src="" />There we have it. The <a HREF="">IBM Jeopardy Challenge</a> has concluded, so what

IBM Jeopardy Challenge Day Two Report: Spoiler Alert!

<img src="" />OK, let's try this <a HREF="

Angry Nerds: IBM's Watson Finishes Night One Of Jeopardy Challenge Tied For First Place

<img src="" />Did you all just see that? The <a HREF="">IBM Jeopardy Challenge</a> kicked off ton

IBM's Watson To Smash Its Human Opponents On Jeopardy Tonight

<img src="" />Be sure to check your local listings today to see when Jeopardy airs. Why would you want to do that? Oh, you know why:

Watson! IBM's Artificial Intelligence Looks To Upstage Its Human Benefactors In Grand Jeopardy Challenge

<img src="" />Like it or not, but the robots are coming, and they’re not messing around. I know this because I’ve seen an IBM-de

Latest Jeopardy Contestant: A Robot Named Watson

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Jeopardy! supercomputer being developed by IBM will surely kill us all

<img src="">It looks like Jeopardy! contestants will be the latest in a long line of humans being replaced by computers if IBM has its way. Big Blue has d