Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is returning to the company

Biz Stone, one of the co-founders of Twitter, just announced that he's returning to the company he helped start. Stone left Twitter to pursue new projects in 2011.

Pinterest acquires Jelly, the crowdsourced Q&A startup from Biz Stone

Pinterest has made another acquisition that could point to another way that it plans to increase interaction on its visual-search-and-discovery platform: It has acquired Jelly, the startup co-founded

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone relaunches Jelly as a human-powered search engine

Calling it an “un-pivot,” Biz Stone is bringing back Jelly, the Q&A app he created in 2013. Launching today, the new and improved Jelly remains close to its roots, but with an added twist. Th

Biz Stone “Unpivots” To Revive Q&A App Jelly

After a year on hiatus, Biz Stone is restarting active development of the social Q&A app Jelly he originally launched in January 2014. Stone, one of Twitter’s founders, paused Jelly in Novem

Biz Stone’s Jelly Launches Super So You Can Express Your Best, Craziest, Sexiest Opinions

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s Q&A app Jelly didn’t quite blow up, so today he’s launching a much weirder app called Super where you can share colorful statements, opinions and r

Mobile Q&A App Jelly Now Lets You Ask Location-Based Questions Routed To Nearby Users

While the shine and novelty <a href="">quickly wore off</a> Twitter co-founder Biz Sto

Fly Or Die: Jelly

A couple of months ago, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone launched an app called <a href="">Jelly</a>, meant to make asking and answering random questions more fun. So, in

Founders Of World’s Largest Offline Search Engine Raise $500K To Build A Jelly Rival

Co-founders of Innoz, an SMS-based offline search engine in India that has answered over 1 billion queries on mobile phones, are raising $500,000 in Seed funding from 500 Startups and other angel inve

Biz Stone’s Jelly Raises Series B Led By Greylock, And Josh Elman Joins The Board

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has raised a Series B round of investment led by Greylock Partners, with Spark Capital participating. The raise comes just under a year since it raised a Series A round fr

Jelly’s Novelty Wears Off, But Long-Term Potential For A Mobile #Lazyweb Remains

Let's get this out of the way up front: I was prepared to dislike Jelly after its reveal. After all, when Twitter co-founder <a href="

Jelly Sees 100K Questions In First Week Says RJMetrics, Of Which 25% Received Answers

Jelly, the new startup from Biz Stone that’s designed to help people crowdsource answers to any question they may have, has been on the market for around a week now and we’re seeing the fi

Jelly Has Its Breaking News Moment, Is First To Report Facebook’s Acquisition Of Branch

<a target="_blank" href="">Jelly</a>, the new Q&A app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, may have a secondary purpose beyond becoming the living embodiment of the <a target="_blank

Questions Is A Video Q&A App That Wants You To Have Curious Micro-Conversations With Anyone

Questions -- Ask And Answer is an iOS app, from the founder of Nyoombl, that's using video to animate and humanise the Q&A format. Just don't call it a Q&A app...

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Explains The Surprising Goal Of His New Company, Jelly

Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone revealed his top-secret new startup Jelly, a mobile app that enables users to ask short questions of their social network through pictures. For instance, Stone snapped a p

Twitter’s Innovator’s Patent Agreement Goes Into Action For ‘Pull To Refresh,’ Jelly And Lift Will Adopt The Framework

Last year, Twitter announced something it called the Innovator's Patent Agreement (IPA), which would keep patents in the hands of the designers and engineers that came up with the technology behind th

Biz Stone’s New Startup Jelly Raises Series A From Spark Capital, SV Angel, Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Reid Hoffman, Al Gore, Bono & Others

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's new and mysterious startup <a href="">called Jelly</a> still

After Launching #Music, Kevin Thau Becomes Latest Employee To Leave Twitter For Biz Stone’s Jelly

Less than one week after Twitter Music's launch, Kevin Thau, the man responsible for the standalone app, is leaving the company to become COO of Jelly, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone's mysterious, mobil

Biz Stone Introduces His Jelly Co-Founder And CTO, Fluther’s Ben Finkel

As we reported a few weeks ago, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is up to something new, and it’s called Jelly. Not much is known about it other than it’s a mobile-focused project. Stone share

Biz Stone’s New Startup Jelly Sounds Like A Home For Do-Gooders On The Go

AllThingsD reported last week that Twitter co-founder Biz Stone was working on a new mobile startup called “Jelly.” Today, a company blog post has emerged that gives us a few more details