Jeff Sessions

Justice Dept. says social media giants may be ‘intentionally stifling’ free speech

The Justice Department has confirmed that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has expressed a “growing concern” that social media giants may be “hurting competition” and “int

Department of Justice indicts 12 Russian intelligence officers for Clinton email hacks

Just days before President Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Department of Justice has leveled new charges against 12 Russian intelligence officers who allegedly hacked t

Tech leaders respond as the Trump administration announces plans to end DACA

The tech community hasn’t minced words since the president announced that he was strongly considering ending the Obama era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy last week. Several of

Trump’s attorney general pick claims ignorance on tech issues

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s nominee for the position of U.S. attorney general, is being grilled by the Senate today about voting rights, immigration, civil rights, prosecutorial ethics a