Jeff Jordan

  • Can (and Should) OpenTable Be Disrupted?

    Can (and Should) OpenTable Be Disrupted?

    I’ve had a checkered relationship with OpenTable. Initially, I loved it as a user, then was let down as the service evolved. For instance I found the eat-at-100-restaurants-and-get-a-measly-$20-check rewards system slightly better than a punch in the face and was annoyed that restaurants still required me to call to verify a reservation. If I had time to make a phone call, I… Read More

  • That Coming IPO Boom? Think More OpenTable Than Google

    As Erick pointed out yesterday, IPO registrations are up. But even if all of these companies go out, does this mean VCs are out of the no liquidity woods? Hardly. Sure everyone brings up LinkedIn and Facebook as the potentially huge homerun IPOs in the wings, but a lot of the companies queuing up look more like OpenTable. The reservation Web site deserves props for making it out in a… Read More

  • SEC Gives Social Investing Site kaChing Green Light To Take On Mutual Funds

    Every social investing site wants to turn the insights of its trading members into financial products that people can actually link to their brokerage accounts. Finding the few brilliant stock pickers in the crowd and then letting everyone else follow their portfolios while taking a cut of the management fees is the business model. KaChing, which is the most popular investing application… Read More