Jeff Atwood

StackOverflow Co-Founder Jeff Atwood Builds A $150 Mechanical Keyboard

If anyone knows far too much about their keyboard, it's a programmer. Professional programmers type a lot. A <em>whole</em> lot. So much that a flame war over which text editor/input method is best

Stack Exchange Co-Founder Jeff Atwood Launches Forums Startup Discourse, With Funding From First Round, Greylock, And SV Angel

<a target="_blank" href="">Jeff Atwood</a>, co-founder of Q&A network <a target="_blank" href="">Stack Exchange</a>, <a target="_blank" href=

Jeff Atwood Bids Adieu To Stack Exchange, For The Best Reason Ever

<a href="">Jeff Atwood</a>, the co-founder and CTO of <a href="">Stack Exchange</a>, a <a href="http://stack