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  • Jay Adelson Is Recruiting On Facebook. Is It For His Own Startup?

    Jay Adelson Is Recruiting On Facebook. Is It For His Own Startup?

    For anyone that has followed Silicon Valley for the past ten years, Jay Adelson is a name that you know quite well. He’s best known for his work with Digg, during its heyday. After moving into the CEO position at SimpleGeo, which has since been acquired by Urban Airship, we’re told that Adelson is ready to make another run at a startup. A tipster says that Adelson posted in a… Read More

  • RIP Digg.

    Startups in Silicon Valley are like old generals. They don’t die anymore, buoyed on life-rafts of lingering venture capital and modest revenues. They just fade away, eventually purchased for assets that are a shadow of their former promise. It’s pretty clear that Digg is on that path. The company isn’t dead, but it’s been fading away for a while, and its soul is all… Read More

  • Digg Founder Jay Adelson Is Okay With Not Selling Early, Even In Light Of Layoffs

    On stage at FailCon today, Jay Adelson went over his storied career from Equinix to Digg. Adelson kept emphasizing the fact that he had no regrets despite Digg having failed to pin down acquisition offers from both Current and Google, while the news broke during the panel that Digg had just laid off 37% of its staff. I asked Adelson while he was onstage whether he wanted to revaluate his… Read More