How to train your human, part II: Products that make habits last

In the first part of this series, we learned about designing products that use good triggers and motivators to get users like Joe to engage in healthy behaviors. Now, how can we ensure that these n

Better Health By Design: Making Healthcare Tech More Usable, Understandable And Profitable

The interplay of health and design isn’t new. In 1857, Nurse (and Data Scientist) Florence Nightingale used design principles to illustrate the casualties of soldiers in the Crimean War and changed

The 20 Best Unicorn Companies For Paying Software Engineers Top Dollar

We pulled together all 153 unicorns currently listed on the Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard and then matched them up with data provided by Glassdoor to give you the top 20 highest paying startup unicor

Jawbone Lays Off 60, 15% Of Staff Globally, Closes NY Office

Some difficult news this week for Jawbone, maker of fitness trackers, speakers and Bluetooth headsets. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that the company yesterday laid off around 60 employees,

The 20 Highest Paying Startup Unicorns

We pulled together all 153 unicorns currently listed on the Crunchbase Unicorn Leaderboard and then matched them up with data provided by Glassdoor to give you, our readers, the top 20 highest paying

Fitbit Crushes Expectations In Q3, But A Follow-On Equity Offering Drags Its Shares Down

Following the bell, Fitbit announced its third-quarter financial performance, including revenue of $409.3 million, and earnings per share using normal accounting methods of $0.19. The company’s

Jawbone Files Countersuit Against Fitbit In “Frivolous” Patent Infringement Case

The war continues apace in the world of wearable fitness trackers. Jawbone — which makes fitness trackers, speakers and Bluetooth headsets — has filed a counterclaim against Fitbit in a p

Jawbone Adds Passive Heart Rate Tracking And Auto Sleep Mode To Its Wristbands

Jawbone is releasing a firmware update that will add passive heart rate and an automatic sleep mode to their wristbands. The UP2, UP3, and UP4 trackers are also getting a facelift in the form of new c

How IoT Will Change Your Relationship With Insurance

Between TVs, refrigerators, ovens, light bulbs, cars, fitness trackers and jewelry, it seems like everything these days is connected to the Internet. It’s probably safe to say that you’re already

Report: Xiaomi Now World’s Second Biggest Seller Of Wearables Behind Only Fitbit

In a sign that the market for wearable devices remains nascent, China's Xiaomi has risen from nowhere to become the industry's second largest company responsible for one-quarter of all shipments in th

Groupon Names Rich Williams COO As CFO Jason Child Steps Down To Take Up CFO Role At Jawbone

Some more exec shifting afoot at daily deals and local commerce site Groupon. Today the company announced that Rich Williams would be its next chief operating officer. And at the same time, the comp

Jawbone Sues Fitbit For Stolen Data By Ex-Employees

The wearable wars just escalated to a new high. Jawbone has sued Fitbit in a California court for recruiting employees who plundered confidential information on their way out. According to the suit, F

Jawbone Replaces The UP24 With The $100 UP2

First came the Jawbone Up. Then the UP24. Then the UP3. And now... the UP2. Because numbering things in the order they came out is for schmucks!

Jawbone’s New $200 UP4 Doubles As An American Express Card

After a few delays, Jawbone's UP3 fitness tracker is finally <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2015/04/09/jawbone-will-ship-up3-on-april-20-blames-water-resistance-problems-for-delay/#.espxvo:7Mi5"

Jawbone Will Ship UP3 On April 20, Blames Water Resistance Problems For Delay

Jawbone has updated the ship date for the UP3 activity tracker, informing pre-order customers and prospective buyers that the wearable gadget will start heading out to U.S. buyers on April 20. The UP3

In 2015, Software Eats The Wearable World

2014 will be remembered as the year that wearables leapt into the Silicon Valley mainstream. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm have taken notice and poured money and resource

Jawbone UP3 Likely Won’t Ship In Time For Christmas After All

If you had plans to tuck a Jawbone UP3 under the tree for someone this year, it's probably time to start thinking about something else. When Jawbone first told us about its plans to release a new f

Jawbone Goes After The Entry-Level With UP Move, A $50 Fitness Tracker With A 6 Month Battery Life

Jawbone's <a href="https://beta.techcrunch.com/2014/11/04/jawbone-up3/">new UP3</a> might be the company's priciest fitness tracker yet — but that doesn't mean it's not interested in the entry-level

Jawbone Looks At UP Data To See How Many Were Woken Up By The Napa Earthquake

Jawbone has shown one of the more interesting ways data gathered on its platform might be used for large-scale population studies: The fitness tracker company looked at its cumulative UP data to find

Compromise Will Shape The Wearables Market

Just as fitness apps and wearables are gaining real traction, the introduction of Android Wear is giving consumers their first maybe-viable smartwatches. In the coming months and years, this new categ
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