• Music Gaming Startup JamLegend Acqhired By Zynga

    Earlier today we wrote about music games startup JamLegend joining the deadpool. JamLegend aimed to compete against biggies Rock Band and Guitar Hero and was shut down today after three years so the team could “move on to new ventures.” We’ve just confirmed that the team will be moving to gaming giant Zynga in a talent acquisition. From the JamLegend blog: “After… Read More

  • JamLegend And Skribit Tumble Down Into The Deadpool

    Companies, like visitors of Chinese take-away restaurants, come and go. Today, we have the unfortunate duty to report that two fine young Internet startups have not survived the never-ending battle for users, relevance and dollars that rages Web-wide. Making its way to the deadpool are JamLegend, which aimed to compete against Rock Band and Guitar Hero with an interesting online music game… Read More

  • JamLegend Shreds Past 1 Million Members

    JamLegend, the LaunchBox-backed ‘Guitar Hero For The Web’, has just reached a fairly major milestone: it’s now signed up over 1 million users. Co-founder Andrew Lee says that the site is up to around 60 million total song plays, of which 45 million have come from registered members. He says the site has seen especially good growth since it integrated Facebook Connect. For… Read More

  • JamLegend's 'Guitar Hero For The Web' Now Lets You Upload And Play Any Song You'd Like

    The Guitar Hero/Rock Band phenomenon is showing no signs of waning, with countless sequels still on the way (including one focused solely on music by The Beatles) and money continuing to pour into the coffers of their respective game publishers. But gamers are still being forced to live with a problem that’s troubled the genre since its formation: you can only play along to songs… Read More

  • JamLegend Takes On Guitar Hero On The Web (1,000 Invites)

    One of the most promising startups to come out of the LaunchBox incubator is JamLegend, a music site with mass appeal. JamLegend takes the familiar anyone-can-be-a-rockstar model made popular by videogames like Guitar Hero and Rock Band and puts it on the Web. The site is in private beta, but we have 1,000 invites for the first people to sign up at the site with the invite code… Read More

  • LaunchBox Unleashes Its First Nine Startups

    What does $25,000 and 12 weeks get you? If you are a startup funded by LaunchBoxDigital, it gets you a working alpha or beta site. Based in Washington, D.C., LaunchBox is the latest seed-fund incubator to take the “Build ’em cheap and build ’em fast” approach to startup creation. (In the same vein as Y Combinator, SeedCamp and TechStars). LaunchBox gives small teams… Read More