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Valuation pressure on software startups is easing

When it comes to startup valuations, no one seems to expect things to go back to 2021. But better? Who doesn't love that?

Why software valuations could drop more if things don’t change soon

If you feel cloud and software stocks should not trade for less than their historical average, then you have cause to cheer. But is that a valid perspective?

Prisma raises $40M for its open source ‘Rosetta Stone’ for database languages

When it comes to building databases and other backend software development, different organizations and developers do not always speak the same language. Today a startup called Prisma that’s bui

Rethinking Databricks’ valuation amid a changing market

How much will the changing valuation of software companies impact the biggest private unicorns? Also, why hasn't Databricks gone public yet? The answer to the former might be the answer to the latter.

Are late-stage startup valuations going to suffer this year?

Everyone can run the math on what slowing growth and cash burn are worth on the public markets, and it's a very different number than it was last year.

VCs and founders are max bullish as public markets flash warning signs

If we do see public software valuations keep dipping while private-market software valuations stay extreme, someone is going to be very wrong. We just won't know for a little while who it was.

Let’s talk about the SaaS selloff

We're on the cusp of seeing investing hypothesis backed by hundreds of billions in capital being tested. Not quite yet, but so very close. Watch the markets.

Software companies are reporting a pretty good third quarter

What a difference a week makes. This time last week, in the wake of earnings from tech’s five largest American companies and early results from other software companies, it appeared that tech sh

What happens when public SaaS companies don’t meet heightened investor expectations?

Late last week we discussed how, this deep into the earnings cycle, it appeared that public SaaS and cloud companies had largely made it through the Q2 gauntlet unscathed. Sure, through last week ther

SaaS stocks survive earnings, keeping the market warm for software startups, exits

We’re on the other end of nearly every single SaaS earnings report that you can name, with the exception of Slack, and shares of software companies are holding onto their year’s gains. Whi

Why is cloud revenue growth so slow if the digital transformation is accelerating?

For startups not selling tier-one software, the next few quarters could be rough. For startups selling must-have delivered code, it's going to be a damn hot year.