• Bojam Launches Web-Based Collaborative Sound Studio

    One of last year’s TechCrunch50 startups, Bojam, is launching in public beta today and we have 500 invites. Bojam is a Web-based sound studio that lets musicians practice playing music, find other musicians around the world to jam with, and lay down tracks together on the same song. Click here to try out the service. Bojam is a fully functional music mixer. You can adjust the volume on… Read More

  • JamGlue Launches "Remixing for the Masses"

    JamGlue, one of the YCombinator companies, publicly launched today. JamGlue is an online community, similar to SpliceMusic, where you can listen to or mix music from a library of tracks and other mixes. JamGlue was originally in private beta with 2,500 members and a basic library of 1,500 tracks. JamGlue, as their slogan suggests, is about providing “Remixing for the Masses” via… Read More

  • Who Are the Y Combinator Companies?

    Software is moving to the web and as it does, tech companies are becoming easier than ever to launch. One of the most notable changes to the tech industry of late has been the emergence of a significant number of startups that have succeeded after raising only hundreds of thousands of dollars. Joe Kraus, CEO of recently acquired JotSpot was able to bring them to market on $100,000. Reddit… Read More