James Bond

Crunch Report | Apple and Amazon want Bond, James Bond

Today’s Stories  Apple and Amazon reportedly pursuing James Bond franchise rights U.S. House of Representatives passes new bipartisan self-driving car bill Kobo takes on Audible with its own au

Video: Six James Bonds playing poker

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZV8bT2fa6E&hl=en&fs=1&] Through the magic of video trickery, please observe your favorite James Bond actor playing against all the other ones yo

Sony Reader: Ian Fleming Edition

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/fleming2.jpg" />Although I don't get the feeling that Ian Fleming would have been a big e-book fan (he was a paperback kind of guy), that

Quantum of Solace: Japan gets a cool 007 cell phone

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/oo1_phone-630x472.jpg" /> James Bond is a huge brand name in Japan. In cooperation with regional telcom <a href="http://www.au.kddi.com/

Thanko sells wrist watch with integrated spy camera

Thanko, the pioneer in disruptive technology, is rolling out one innovative product after another. After announcing the teddy bear-shaped gloves yesterday, the Tokyo-based company today unveiled an an

$400 PS3 holiday bundle spotted: 80GB system, Ratchet, Casino Royale

Ha! Check out this Zapruder-quality photo of an upcoming PS3 holiday bundle, taken at a Best Buy. (We’re not sure if it’s Best Buy-exclusive.) If we’re to believe this to be authenti

Who turns their garage into a home theater (other than these guys)?

This is a trend, turning garages into home theaters? Might as well, right—the car business won’t be around much longer, so you’ll need to do something else with all that space. To th

Review: Quantum of Solace (Xbox 360)

Quick Version: Quantum of Solace offers a relatively entertaining single-player experience, but the true power of the game lies in the multiplayer modes. If you were a fan of multiplayer GoldenEye for

Doodle dee doo doo doo: Omega's Quantum of Solace Bond Commercial

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okYdvD_aMOM&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&fs=1] While Bond used to love him some Rolex, it’s all Omega for James these days. T

Sony VAIO TT Notebook: James Bond Edition

The ultraportable 11.1-inch Sony VAIO TT notebook is available in a “James Bond 007 Edition” for $2,399. Sony’s only selling 100 of these, so if you’re really into Bond you might want to get a

Fascinating Bond trivia

Who doesn’t enjoy a little James Bond trivia? The influence of the Bond films is so great that Nasa was thrilled to let 007 give the world its first view of the Space Shuttle in Moonraker  &#82

It's Nintendo's fault you're not playing GoldenEye on Xbox Live Arcade

How the game looks on the Xbox 360 Wanna know why we’re still not playing GoldenEye on Xbox Live Arcade? Blame Nintendo. It goes like this: Rare has already developed the game, and all it’

New Bond girl's death reminiscent of an oldie

Spoiler Alert! Jill Masterson’s death in “Goldfinger” was an iconic image that all Bond fans remember and new Bond Girl Gemma Arterton’s death in the upcoming 007 movie “

UK's MI6 loses digital camera filled with al-Qaeda info. Worse, it was sold on eBay

Some clumsy Briton at MI6 has lost a Nikon digital camera that’s filled to the brim with all sorts of sensitive information, including info on al-Qaeda. What’s worse, not that losing the c

Sony announces cockamamie contest to help promote "Quantum of Solace"

http://www.traileraddict.com/emb/6329 Okay, maybe it’s not completely ridiculous, but I felt like using cockamamie in a headline. Anyway, Sony launched the “Mission for a Million” co

Bond… James Bond… James Bond's watch

If you want to be like Bond (and I think we all do, especially since he became such a cold-blooded, murderous bastard), you should probably start small. The Aston Martin is probably not going to happe

Video: Latest Quantum of Solace trailer is awesome

http://www.traileraddict.com/emb/6329 I can’t wait to see what gadgets Q has for Bond this time around. Who else is excited?

Latest Bond flick delayed for US audiences, pirates get ready!

This doesn’t seem practical at all, but Sony has pushed back the debut of Ian Fleming’s latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace because WB’s pushed back the new Harry Potter movie to 2009. Thos

James Bond will carry Sony Ericsson C902 in next flick

Oh, come on. Lets say, for some crazy reason, Sony Ericsson was the only company that made phones in the Bond universe, nullifying all non-SE options. You really think Bond would sport a half-year-old

There will be a James Bond edition Cyber-shot C902

Sony Ericsson will release a James Bond edition Cyber-shot C902 to tie in the with release of the new, cursed Quantum of Solace movie. The phone will ship with a memory card with pre-loaded Bond conte
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