• TiVo adds Disney movies from CinemaNow, indie movies from Jaman

    Another reason to go with a TiVo instead of a generic DVR: downloadable Disney and indie movies on demand. The deals were actually announced earlier in the year, but starting today you’ll be able to download and rent movies from Jaman.com. They specialize in indie movies that people pretend to enjoy in order to come across as erudite and refined. Rentals there start at $1.99 per… Read More

  • Skype Adds Movies to the Conversation With Jaman

    Skype has partnered with Jaman, an internet movie service, to provide users with thousands of embeddable film scenes that can be added to their chats, profiles, and “mood messages”. The service is still in development, and Skype plans to have it available within the next couple of months. Jaman’s licensed collection consists almost entirely of independent and foreign films… Read More