Jajah Now Does Click To Call For Anyone

Jajah will be officially announcing their click-to-call buttons on Monday. The buttons, which let people call the owner for free and anonymously, have been quietly in private beta over the past year.

Three Ways Startups Are Providing VOIP

While the consumer “landline replacement” VOIP battles continue to wage (the cable companies now control over 70% of that market, and Vonage is still fighting), a number of nimble software

Free Phone Calls: Why Pay For Something If You Can Get It For Free?

Cheapskates that we are, people are always trying to find deals, like, say, being able to make phone calls for free. Yes, that works. Over at the Times, David Pogue bravely looked at several services

Jajah Targets iPhone Users with Application

There’s a growing list of companies lining up to port their application to the iPhone’s Safari browser. Jajah is the first to bring their VOIP client to the new iPhone. iPhone’s stan

Jajah Announces Deutsche Telekom As Second Series C Investor

Earlier this month we announced VOIP startup Jajah had accepted $20 million in series C investment from Intel Capital. Tonight, Jajah has announced that they’ve added a co-lead to the round: Deu

JAJAH Lands $20 million Series C Funding From Intel

VOIP provider JAJAH closes Series C funding of $20 million today, with the lead investment coming from Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel. Previous TechCrunch coverage here. As part of th

Happy Birthday Jajah: 2 Million Users

A year after VOIP phone service Jajah launched their service, they’ve announced over 2 million registered users (Up from 1.2 announced in January) and officially announced Trevor Healy as the ne

Gumiyo.com Adds Anonymized Phone Numbers to Classified Listings

Without a doubt, the most popular classified ads site on the Internet is Craigslist. The simple, utilitarian site is a shining example of how the p2p Web can work, and one of the secrets to its succes

Talkster Launches Presence-Based Service For The Enterprise

Tonight, Talkster launched a beta of a new presence-based communication platform in the VoIP market, with a focus on the enterprise and aim to connect callers by alias regardless of their device. Talk

Jajah Just Launched Killer VOIP Product

VOIP company Jajah just announced an exceptional new consumer service that will let many cell phone users access Jajah’s very low calling rates through their cell phone (and without using data s

VOIP – The Details Kill The Fun

A bunch of VOIP services have launched to help people make cheaper calls from normal phones. None of them are compelling for the mass market. VOIP is great when you initiate calls from VOIP phones or

Hullo To Enter VOIP War With Free Product

The VOIP wars are already crowded with more competitors than can possibly build a business. Well capitalized players like Vonage and Skype battle with nimble startups like Gizmo and Jajah in a race fo