• Hippo Hooray! Jackson Fish Market Launches Suite Of Charming iPhone Games For Toddlers

    The iPhone is quickly establishing itself as one of the hottest gaming platforms around, and that doesn’t just extend to games for teens and adults — it’s also a great device for toddlers, provided you have someone around to make sure they don’t start throwing the iPhone or dipping it in apple juice. One company that’s proving this is Jackson Fish Market, a… Read More

  • Tag Your Baby, Pick A Name

    Forget the printed books and cluttered sites like this one, you can now pick your new baby’s name in style. Two year old Jackson Fish Market’s newest site is What A Lovely Name. Peruse and click on descriptive tags and see names that reflect those traits. For example, English, Elegant, Intelligent and Wise yields twenty-six boy names: Read More

  • Jackson Fish Market Does It Again With Another Beautifully Useless App

    I have no idea what these guys actually do to pull in revenue, but God love ’em. Jackson Fish Market, the ex-Microsoft team that brought us They’re Beautiful and Tafiti, launched Elmore City Dance Club earlier today. The application, which was conceived, designed and built by the company’s summer interns (Tyler, Luke and Alex) lets anyone create and share a new dance. The… Read More

  • Microsoft Tafiti Is Beautiful, But Will Anyone Use it?

    We’re pretty big fans of Microsoft’s new Silverlight platform. And just about everyone will agree that Tafiti, a new Microsoft search site built on Silverlight, is pretty darn easy on the eyes. They even got the Jackson Fish Market team (they are creating new visually stunning products) to help out on the project. But will many people use it? It still uses Microsoft search, which in… Read More

  • Ex Microsoft Team Launches "They're Beautiful"

    var jfmtb_gh=”bd889eba90922349″; A team of ex-Microsofties left to create Jackson Fish Market, with the tagline “Handcrafted Software Experiences,” in November 2006. In their introductory blog post, co-founder Hillel Cooperman talks about his grandfather’s fish store, Jackson Fish, a “small businesses was run by family, with everyone pitching in as best… Read More