How pro rata works in venture capital deals

To the uninitiated, startup fundraising can be confusing. And even some of the resources designed to be approachable for the newcomer often raise more questions than they answer. So we’ve launched a

Any headphones can be Bluetooth headphones with Jack

When Apple decided to strip its flagship phones of the headphone jack, certain people were angry. Those relying on the headphone jack for non-music things were grumpy, but so were those of us who had

Jack Dorsey Confirms Departures Of Several Twitter Execs

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has confirmed the departures of Twitter execs, who oversaw the product, engineering, media and HR teams. Was really hoping to talk to Twitter employees about this later this we

Twitter Spring

I read the news today oh boy. Well actually, I didn’t. In a realtime Twitter world where everything looks like news, none of it is. The Steve Jobs anniversary stories are just one measure of this lo

Too Soon

Steve Jobs didn’t invent Twitter. In a week of relentless tributes, somehow that gives me some relief. Not that I buy the anti-Steve story, that we are imprisoned as artists in the closed architectu

Hey Kids, What Time Is It?

<img src='//tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/tv_test_pattern1.jpg' class="snap_nopreview shot2" alt="" />As Mark Twain, or Yogi Berra, famously said, reports of Twitter’s or Foursquare’s d

jill-e designs steps up and produces manly camera bags dubbed jack

jill-e designs have been around for a while with great, but pricey, camera bags . the firm has won numerous awards but is now stepping in to the male arena with its jack lineup. three different bags m