In 2015, Software Eats The Wearable World

2014 will be remembered as the year that wearables leapt into the Silicon Valley mainstream. Tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm have taken notice and poured money and resource

Hands On With The Apple Watch

Apple’s wearable strategy is out there, and the way they’re looking to distance themselves from the crowd is by introducing a smooth, highly usable interface with unique control mechanisms

Apple Watch Will Drive Wearables Into The Enterprise

Wearables are very likely going to have a role in the enterprise, and it could be sooner than you think, especially in light of today’s Apple¬†Watch announcement. If it takes off like previous i

Live From Apple’s iPhone Event In Cupertino

Apple is holding an event today in Cupertino that kicks off at 10 AM PT, and we’re already here at the Flint Center holding it down. Next to the theater is the giant cube-like white mystery buil

If Switzerland Is Fucked, Then The iWatch Is, Too

As we approach Peak iWatch, it’s important to consider just what the new device (if it even launches) will do to the watch market as a whole. I can assure you – and this is based on a deep

iWatch’s Killer Feature Could Be Two-Factor Authentication For Payments

How will Apple make us desperate to buy its smartwatch? By taking the risk and clumsiness out of mobile payments. Imagine if your iWatch could recognize that your iPhone is within range as a pre-payme

What To Expect From Apple’s iPhone Event On September 9

Apple is hosting an event on September 9, and by all accounts it’s going to be a real barn burner. The company is set to announce new iPhones, and this much you can take to the bank, but rumors

Apple’s NFC Payments Play Could Make Its Wearable A Computing Friction Killer

Apple could be gearing up to make its so-called ‘iWatch’ a payment device powered by NFC, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal. But including near-field communications te

Apple Will Live Stream The iPhone Event On September 9

Apple has revealed (with plenty of notice for once) that it will live stream the event it’s holding next week on September 9 at 10 AM PT. That means users will be able to tune in on their device

Analyst Expects iWatch In Two Sizes, 128GB iPhone And iPad Air 2 Reveal Next Week

In general, the anticipations of analysts are things you can safely ignore, but a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac) is worth a look, especially given his track record o

Apple Confirms Special Event On September 9, Likely For iPhones

Apple has sent out invites to a special event it’s holding on September 9, where we will almost certainly get our first official look at the next iPhone. The invites follow a previous report fro

Apple May Reveal A Wearable Alongside New iPhones In September

Apple should have a very busy schedule for its (yet-to-be-confirmed) event on September 9: Re/code is now reporting that it will show off its wearable device on that day alongside new iPhone hardware.

Apple’s Busy Year-End Could Include A Fitness Wearable, 12″ Retina MacBook And 4K Products

Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri both have claimed excitement about the fall, but we have yet to get a glimpse at the total product pipeline. New reports from 9to5Mac claim a whole host of new

Apple Gets An Exhaustive iWatch Patent

Apple has received a patent from the USPTO (via AppleInsider) that covers multiple kinds of smartwatch devices, including a modular design that includes a smart strap with built-in sensors and control

Apple Poaches Patrick Pruniaux, Watch Brand Tag Heuer’s VP Of Sales

<a href="https://techcrunch.com/tag/apple">Apple</a> has hired another luxury brand exec away from an established brand. Patrick Pruniaux, VP of sales for watch company Tag Heuer, will join Apple on M

Apple’s iWatch Could Be The Next Big Sports Fashion Accessory

Sports sells gatorade, and sports sells sneakers, and sports sells clothing and hats and TV trays and bottle openers and anything that has enough surface area to hold a logo. But can sports sell the c

With Multiple iWatch Designs And A Host Of Sensors, Apple Could Win Over Smartwatch Skeptics

Apple’s iWatch is almost certainly coming soon, according to a host of recent reports, and the latest from the Wall Street Journal is that it’ll be offered in a variety of designs and scre

Apple’s Smartwatch Said To Debut In October With A 2.5-Inch Screen And Wireless Charging

Apple will reportedly launch its smartwatch as early as October, after kicking off production in July, according to a new report from Reuters. The smartwatch will have a 2.5-inch screen, according to

Apple Explores Ways To Automate Notifications And Alarms Based On Feedback From Wearables

Apple had some new patent applications related to wearables published today (via AppleInsider) and they all deal with a system in which the iPhone acts as a hub that collects data from sensors in wris

Apple CEO Tim Cook Described As Less Hands-On, More Interested In Broad Implications With iWatch

Apple CEO Tim Cook is the subject of a new profile in the New York Times today, and the profile includes plenty of background information about the executive and his commitment to human rights and env
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