• IV drip stations in Japan are good for what ails ya

    After a night of “hard living” back in my days as a bachelor in the exciting city of Minneapolis (circa 2002), my buddy and I were picking up our cars from the parking lot of the bar we’d been drinking at the night before. The bar was inside a quasi-mall-type-thing (Calhoun Square, for those of you familiar with Minneapolis) and we’d caught wind of a new oxygen kiosk… Read More

  • GTA IV box art revealed via spy photos

    Some crafty photographer managed to snap some shots of preproduction (note the RP rating) copies of Grand Theft Auto: IV for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The box art is in standard Rockstar fashion, showcasing characters from the GTA series. However, there isn’t much “oomph” to the GTA: IV packaging is there? Looks like some people standing around with guns. Big whoop. Where’s… Read More

  • Grand Theft Auto 6 On Its Way!

    PLAY Magazine UK must have the ULTIMATE hook-up at Rockstar. The magazine has just revealed that popular GTA series will be getting its sixth installment very soon. Amazing that details have already leaked out considering GTA IV isn’t even yet out and is still highly anticipated. Rumor has it that the game will feature a recently-fired designer from a game mag. going on a… Read More