• British TV streaming service BritBox launches in U.S.

    British TV streaming service BritBox launches in U.S.

    Adding to the plethora of streaming services on the market, BBC Worldwide announced the launch of its subscription-based, video-on-demand service called BritBox, arriving today. The service offers a large catalog of British television series to U.S. users, many for the first time, at a cost of $6.99 per month. Read More

  • Hungry Like A Wolf: How Apple Rumors Spread

    Hungry Like A Wolf: How Apple Rumors Spread

    Remember last week when Foxconn president Terry Gou said that he was working hard at building the new Apple TV? The rumor was, as you might suspect, patently false. But just how false is the surprising part. Welcome to the magical world of Apple rumors. Before we begin, take a look at this delightful Fortune piece that shows us the truth behind the big Apple rumor mill. It’s… Read More

  • iTV Might Be Awesome, But It’s Not What We Really Want

    iTV Might Be Awesome, But It’s Not What We Really Want

    Apple’s iTV is reportedly in the labs of Canadian cable service providers Rogers Communications and Bell Canada right now. This is exciting news (it is real!), but it’s a bummer for those of us who were hoping that Apple was planning on disrupting the cable television business. If Apple is letting the cable companies play with its new toy, then they’re probably in the market… Read More

  • Apple Reportedly Butting Heads With Content Producers Over iTV

    Apple Reportedly Butting Heads With Content Producers Over iTV

    There’s a problem with the idea of an iTV, rumors of which have been sloshing about for a long time, but with greater intensity since Steve Jobs’ biography hinted at one. Unlike an Apple TV, an iPhone, an iPad, or other devices, an Apple TV wouldn’t be tied to a Mac, and it wouldn’t take advantage of iTunes the way those devices do. It’ll be related, of course, but… Read More

  • Apple TV, Not iTV, To Be Announced Today?

    Chances are Apple is releasing an updated version of its Apple TV product today, but it might not use the heavily rumored iTV name. Instead, the new product might keep the original name of Apple TV.  At least that Australian Macworld is saying, which makes us wonder where the iTV name came from. Read More

  • The Apple Live Stream: What Does This Mean?

    The Apple Live Stream: What Does This Mean?

    Perhaps you’ve heard: Apple is having an event tomorrow. Normally, this means that a sea of tech bloggers descends upon the Bay Area to cover it live for those sitting by their computers at home. But this time things are a bit different: Apple is actually streaming the event live — something they haven’t done in a very, very long time. Cue Double Rainbow: what does this… Read More

  • Apple's New TV Device Said To Have Netflix Access

    Including access to Netflix on the rumored iTV seems like a no-brainer at first — every set-top box worth its salt has it. It’d be suicide not to, right? But then you start thinking about how Apple would probably like nothing more than to launch a full-scale competitor to Netflix in the form of 99¢ rentals. Chances are it was actually a difficult decision to make: it’s… Read More

  • There's No iTunes Store Refresh Tonight. I Wonder Why…

    It’s like clockwork. 9 PM PT rolls around on Monday evening, and Apple rolls out an update to the iTunes Store. You see, Tuesday is the day that new movies and music are typically released in the U.S., so it makes sense to overhaul the store at this time to show off that new content. Only tonight, that didn’t happen. Why? Because why roll out an update when you’re going… Read More

  • Apple To Reignite The iPod Fire With Hot New Models This Week? Yep.

    Apple has an event on the books for this coming Wednesday and it’s widely expected that Steve-O will announce new iDevices, specifically an iOS-version of the Apple TV and new iPods. Most of the pre-iTV news is purely speculative as we really don’t know much about it, although it should hit at a lower price point and a new cloud-based iTunes should debut alongside the device. Read More

  • The Full-On Assault On Cable Is Underway

    The Full-On Assault On Cable Is Underway

    Google, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon — when you hear these names, you usually think about how these tech giants all compete with one another. But what if they all teamed up for one cause? They’d be unstoppable, right? We’re about to find out. All of these companies are currently sitting in the same boat about to storm the beaches. Which beaches? Those belonging to the… Read More

  • Apple's Flawed TV Strategy: It's (Not Quite) The Cloud, Stupid

    When looking at the current incarnation of Apple TV we find a tragically flawed device that overshot and underperformed at the same time. Essentially an iPod Classic with HDMI out, the Apple TV had a pitiful hard drive and a useless OS unless hacked. In the end, it was more expensive and more underpowered than anyone liked and competitors quickly filled the niche, offering format agnostic… Read More

  • Apple Special Event Taking Place September 1

    Apple Special Event Taking Place September 1

    We’ve just received an invite to an Apple event taking place on Wednesday, September 1. Yes, next week. The event will be at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10 AM PT. While Apple will only say that this is a “special event,” the image above makes it clear that just as with their events every September, this one will be mainly about music —… Read More

  • Will Apple Produce An HDTV In 2-4 Years? No Way

    It can be argued that Apple eventually dominates in every consumer electronic market it enters. I’m sure I don’t need to point out the history of iPod, iPhone, and iPad. They are market leaders. However, the one exception is with the Apple TV. It didn’t exactly flop, but the media streamer is far from the blockbuster hit of its iDevice brothers. That may change once the… Read More

  • UK's ITV Not Pleased With Apple iTV Rumors, Says It Will Defend Its IP

    As soon as the rumor broke that Apple would be renaming its struggling Apple TV to iTV, to better fit with the company’s i[Device] naming system, I thought to myself, “Isn’t ITV the name of a television network in England that always misses key goals in soccer games?” Yes, yes it is. In fact, the network isn’t too keen on Apple using the name iTV, and has promised… Read More

  • The Apple TV Is Dead: $99 Next-Gen Model To Be Called iTV, Run iOS, And Play Back At 720p

    The next version of the Apple TV is coming soon. There’s been a few rumors over the last month that the next version will be around $99 and feature some sort of cloud-based streaming. But that’s about it. Well, the crazy kids over at Engadget apparently have it on good authority that those two rumors are correct and the next Apple TV, or as it will be called, the iTV, is right… Read More

  • Live from the Monster Cable CES Press Event

    Monster Cable: hate ’em or love ’em, they are a driving force in the CE world. Their 2009 lineup, at least according to its wares spread out in front, doesn’t look to innovate. A few headphones we’ve already seen and reviewed, a couple of new power centers, and HP branded HDMI cables that are sure to carry a high MSRP. Hopefully the head monster, Noel Lee, will have… Read More

  • U.K. Broadcasts Tune In to Mobile

    The major broadcasters in the U.K. are in the process of prepping their mobile portals, as a result of mobile operators offering flat-rate data tariffs. Thus the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV are all starting to ramp up their mobile strategies. Channel 4 hired former MTV executive Ben Lister to head its mobile business development, and ITV is also planning to develop new portals around specific… Read More

  • Apple TV Hands-On

    If you missed our previous coverage of Apple TV, here’s a second chance to take a look at Apple’s new product that changes the way we can experience our digital media. Apple TV features HDMI, component outputs, built-in 802.11 g/b/n, Ethernet, an Intel CPU, 40GB of space and can support 720p resolution. On top of all that, Apple TV can also wirelessly stream media from up to 5… Read More

  • iTV out, Apple TV in

    At the Apple keynote this morning, Jobs announced a couple of products that could maybe, possibly be of interest to at least one or two people. One of those products was the Apple TV, formerly dubbed the iTV. It’s a set top box that aims at media convergence. In addition to all of the standard features, the Apple TV has features ethernet, 802.11b/g/n, USB 2.0 and HDMI. The box… Read More

  • Apple Rumors Round 5,253: iPhone Evidence and Giant-Ass TVs?

    As admitted Apple fanboys, we are 100-percent stoked to finally have our MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo on order. The rumor of this little upgrade has been at the top of the queue on the Apple sites, and his Steveness’s quiet launch is about what we were expecting. But that moves the other rampant rumors up the column. Two that are appearing over-and-over again are the iPhone and the… Read More