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  • Wal-Mart closes its online video store, HP's fault

    Oh, Wal-Mart. We love your low prices, your imported-from-China everything, but when it comes to online movie purchases, it seems you misstepped. Your HP-powered online movie store that launchedin February was supposed to, as Peter Ha might say, “change the game.” Only it didn’t; the game is the same. For HP, the brains behind the operation pulled the plug on the… Read More

  • iTunes Now the Third Biggest Music Store Behind Only Wal-Mart and Best Buy

    It’s all good news for Apple this month. In addition to launching an obscure, little-discussed cellphone next week, the most recent NPD MusicWatch data says that the iTunes Store is now the third largest music store in the country. And yes, that list includes brick-and-mortart stores. For the first quarter of 2007, the iTunes Store had 9.8 percent of all music sales, behind… Read More