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Apple Music adds a personalized playlist of happy songs to cheer you up, plus a work-from-home mix

Apple Music is launching a new playlist the company hopes will raise your spirits during these difficult times. On Monday, the service began rolling out a new personalized playlist called “The G

Free, Ad-Supported iTunes Radio Is No More

Ad-supported iTunes Radio stations have today gone off the air. As we reported earlier this month, Apple decided it would shutter its free streaming iTunes Radio offering, a competitor to Pandora, in

Apple Launches Beats1, A 24/7 Worldwide Radio Station

Apple’s Jimmy Iovine announced Beats1, the first ever live worldwide 24-hour radio station would be coming to Apple Music at WWDC15 today. “Trent Reznor called me up. He says ‘I got

Apple’s Streaming Music Service Said To Cost $10 Monthly Debuts Next Week

Apple will indeed reveal a new streaming music service next week, according to the Wall Street Journal, and said service will cost $10 per month and provide unlimited listening. The service will be s

Apple Adds Talk Radio And News To iTunes Radio Starting With NPR

Apple is teaming up with NPR to offer its first news content on its iTunes Radio streaming audio offering, Re/code reports. The new channel goes live today, offering 24 hours of live news and previous

Report: Apple Considers Building An On-Demand Music Service To Take On Spotify

Apple already <a href="">has iTunes Radio</a>, but it's hoping to go further in the direction of on-demand music, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.bil

Apple Mulls Breaking Out iTunes Radio As Its Own App In iOS 8, Report Claims

The streaming radio race is still overwhelmingly dominated by Pandora in the U.S., but that’s not necessarily going to be the case forever: In a recent survey of streaming music users, iTunes Ra

Apple Patents Multi-Service Digital TV And Radio To Avoid Ads, Buttonless MacBook Touchpad

Apple has a couple of new patents today (via AppleInsider), including one for an audio and video media service that would switch intelligently and automatically between sources in order to provide use

Apple Reportedly Bringing iTunes Radio To UK, Canada And More In Early 2014

iTunes Radio is one of the best new parts of iOS 7 (and the most recent update to the iTunes desktop media management software), but it's a U.S. exclusive. As is often the case with new movie/music/TV

Apple Releases iOS 7-Ready iTunes 11.1, With iTunes Radio, Podcast Stations And More For Mac And PC

Apple has just released iTunes 11.1, the update to iTunes that brings iTunes Radio to its desktop music software. The Pandora-like streaming music service offers custom stations based on artists and g

iTunes Beta Adds iTunes Radio, Slide-To-Unlock Tweak And Screenshot Detection API Added To iOS 7

Apple has released a new beta of iOS 7 today, which is the fourth in the series. There are only a couple of months to go at most before we see the final edition roll out, so it's not surprising that t

Spotify Takes On iTunes Radio With Launch Of “Discover” For iPhone

<a target="_blank" href="">Spotify</a>'s "Discover" feature, a news feed offering recommendations, songs and playlists based on your current listening habits, has today made it

Apple Unveils iTunes Radio, A Streaming Music Service With The Full Power Of The iTunes Library

Apple had no shortage of new things to announce at WWDC 2013 today, and iTunes Radio is one of the highlights. The company’s new music service has been long-rumored, but now the curtains are dra