itunes 9

  • Help Key: Install iTunes 9 on Windows Home Server

    It wasn’t the LP albums or redesigned look that got me excited when Apple announced iTunes 9. Nope, it was the function called Home Sharing that touted the ability to share and copy media over a LAN easily. Sure, you could always drop all your music files into a centralized network share and rock out that way, but while that method works, it’s not elegant or easy for others to… Read More

  • iTunes LPs: a preemptive strike against the major labels' single-file albums

    Not long ago, it was revealed that the major players in the music market were working on a single-file album format, by which they could sell you albums at an inflated price but with value added: cover art, videos, interviews, and so on. Of course, Apple was already on that, and now, with the major labels’ “CMX” format still off in the future, Apple has given them a black eye… Read More

  • iTunes 9 brings refreshed look, LP albums, home sharing, and app management (!!!)

    iTunes 9 is here (almost) and she sure does look pretty. Now you can pick up LPs from the store that includes lyrics, notes, videos, photos, and more. Plus, the store has been cleaned up in a Snow Leopard fashion along with a bunch of other small features including sharing what albums you’re interested in on Facebook. (Kevin Rose got his wish) Read More