itunes 8

The Genius Sidebar is really just a big, fat iTunes money tree

Ads have invaded iTunes 8 and I hate it. Suddenly, on the right side of iTunes, the Genius Sidebar now displays at least 23 one-click buy links for me to spend my hard-earned cash through. What Apple

What do you think about the new visualizer in iTunes 8?

I’m diggin it. Someone pass me a smoking apparatus of some sort. I would love it if Apple deployed this to the iPod/iPhone line.

Software update makes first-gen iPod Touch compatible with all that Genius stuff

Just plugged in my first-gen iPod Touch to the new iTunes 8 and was notified of a software update to version 2.1, which adds the Genius playlist creation feature. So there’s that, I guess. There als

Apple announces/confirms iTunes 8 features

UPDATE: iTunes 8 is now available for download. Apple just announced iTunes 8 and confirmed some features we’ve been hearing about, plus throws a couple more into the mix. You can download iTunes he

Rose confirms Magnetosphere visualization for iTunes 8 Yesterday we posted about the possibility of

Video: Is this the new iTunes visualizer? revisited (audio by Tosca) from

Well then, Kevin Rose was right about that Apple event: What else is he right about? [Update]

Oh, that Kevin Rose. Seems he was right about that whole September 9 Apple event thing, so now we’re a little more confident about his other predictions. Remember, iTunes 8 is supposed to be a t