itunes 8

  • The Genius Sidebar is really just a big, fat iTunes money tree

    Ads have invaded iTunes 8 and I hate it. Suddenly, on the right side of iTunes, the Genius Sidebar now displays at least 23 one-click buy links for me to spend my hard-earned cash through. What Apple calls a friendly recommendation is more like impulsive music buying.  Read More

  • What do you think about the new visualizer in iTunes 8?

    I’m diggin it. Someone pass me a smoking apparatus of some sort. I would love it if Apple deployed this to the iPod/iPhone line. Read More

  • Software update makes first-gen iPod Touch compatible with all that Genius stuff

    Just plugged in my first-gen iPod Touch to the new iTunes 8 and was notified of a software update to version 2.1, which adds the Genius playlist creation feature. So there’s that, I guess. There also seem to be some speed improvements all around. It’s still downloading and updating, though, so I haven’t actually tried any of it out yet. If you don’t hear back from… Read More

  • Apple announces/confirms iTunes 8 features

    UPDATE: iTunes 8 is now available for download. Apple just announced iTunes 8 and confirmed some features we’ve been hearing about, plus throws a couple more into the mix. You can download iTunes here. Features: “Genius” automatic intelligent playlist feature “Genius” sidebar recommends iTunes songs based on your listening preferences New “grid”… Read More

  • Rose confirms Magnetosphere visualization for iTunes 8 Yesterday we posted about the possibility of Magnetosphere being the visualizer that Rose mentioned a week back and last night via Twitter, Rose confirmed this. Confirmed: This was visualization I saw in a build of iTunes 8.0 –… Read More

  • Video: Is this the new iTunes visualizer?
    Magnetosphere revisited (audio by Tosca) from flight404 on Vimeo. Could the work of artist Robert Hodgins be what Kevin was talking about the other day? The Magnetosphere plugin was available up until a few months back. I can’t… Read More

  • Well then, Kevin Rose was right about that Apple event: What else is he right about? [Update]

    Oh, that Kevin Rose. Seems he was right about that whole September 9 Apple event thing, so now we’re a little more confident about his other predictions. Remember, iTunes 8 is supposed to be a true-to-life point release, and not nearly a bug fix or anything. Juciy rumors circulating the likes of Twitter and Tumblr (follow me if you want to be extra bored throughout the day!) suggest… Read More