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  • Still Think The iTunes 10 Icon Sucks? Our Ten Reader Alternatives

    Is it just me or has there been a lot of logo hate going around lately? Apparently hell hath no fury like an armchair graphic designer scorned, if you go by some of the comments on our “Hate The iTunes 10 Logo? Think You Can Do Better?” post. Along with haters doing what they do best (hint: it’s hating) we also got a ton of alternative submissions. Here are ten of the… Read More

  • Hate The iTunes 10 Icon? Think You Can Do Better?

    Hate The iTunes 10 Icon? Think You Can Do Better?

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ obsessive focus on design detail is at least partially responsible for why the tech sphere and the design sphere are so intertwined at the moment. Which makes the ire that Jobs has received for the current iTunes 10 logo (not to mention the foibles of Ping) particularly poignant. The universal hatred for this thing has spawned an @BPGlobalPR-esque Twitter account… Read More

  • Preview: Apple's Ping Music Social Network In Action On iOS [Pictures]

    One of the big announcements at Apple’s event today was Ping, the music social network that Apple has baked into iTunes. But it’s not just on iTunes for the computer, it’s also a part of iTunes on the iPhone and iPod touch. This will be a part of the new iOS 4.1 release which is going out to developers right now, and should be out for consumers next week. In the demo area… Read More

  • Live Nation To Power Concert Listings, Ticket Sales In iTunes 10

    In case you were wondering (I’m looking at you Levine): Live Nation and sister company Ticketmaster have jointly announced that they’ll be the ones powering the concert listings feature on iTunes 10. In addition, the company said it will deliver a “way for millions of iTunes users to purchase concert tickets at and“. Read More