• Apple hype machine: unannounced iTablet is the 4th most searched for laptop in UK

    [UK] Nobody generates hype better than Apple and we Brits lap it up just like everybody else. Hitwise Intelligence, the web measurement firm, reports that the iTablet, iSlate, Apple Tablet (or whatever) was the 4th most searched for ‘laptop’ in the UK last week. A product which doesn’t even exist yet, although it’s not expected to remain a rumor for much longer. Just… Read More

  • Apple tablet 'confirmed' by France Télécom

    It sure does seem that the Apple tablet has been confirmed several times in the past few months. Well, here we go again! As some of you have already read on TechCrunch, a France Télécom/Orange executive has “confirmed” the existence of Apple’s highly anticipated tablet computer during a broadcast interview. Here’s hoping Apple releases the tablet as soon as possible… Read More

  • Gruber on the Tablet

    Good old John Gruber. While the rest of us are panting, he sits in the corner, calmly stroking his luxurious beard. He thinks the Tablet is real, the “leaks” and “mock-ups” aren’t real, all of his best sources say Apple’s best designers are incognito, and that Steve loves the project. Read More