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How CFOs can reduce SaaS spend by 30% in these tough times

Software spending is now the third-biggest expense for organizations, right after employee and office costs.

Tech spending has remained surprisingly stable in 2023

As we approach the middle of the third quarter, we take a look at how last year's spending predictions have panned out to this point.

Analysts cut 2023 tech spending predictions as consumers hold back

Predicting spending is a tricky business, especially in a period of economic uncertainty. Perhaps that’s why both IDC and Gartner have cut their fall predictions in the new year, with Gartner now pr

With IT spending forecast to rise in 2023, what does it mean for startups?

While IT spending is forecast to rise, that doesn't mean the picture is entirely rosy for startups. You still have to prove your worth.

All signs point to IT spending rising in 2023

Despite economic turbulence, CIOs and analysts predict IT spending will increase in 2023 for the most part.

Gartner: IT Spend Will Hit $3.7 Trillion In 2013; PC Declines Drag On Growth

IT spend globally -- from devices through to data center investments and the services that run on them -- it set to reach $3.7 trillion in 2013, but that represents shrinking growth of only 2% on 2012

Forrester Forecasts 8.1 Percent Increase In Global IT Spending In 2010

<img src="" width="215" height="125" />For the technology industry, 2009 was a pretty tough year, but Forrester says the tech d