Report: Cloud Storage Services Now Have Over 375M Users, Could Reach 500M By Year-End

According to market intelligence firm <a target="_blank" href="">iHS iSuppli</a>, the market for paid and free cloud storage services continues to grow rapidly and the total nu

iSuppli Agrees With IDC, Gartner: Windows Phone To Surpass iOS By 2015

Nobody wants to give Windows Phone a chance <a href="">except for Robin</a> and a whole bunch of analysts. Back in September, <a href="h

iSuppli Reveals Real Price Of Nintendo 3DS

<img src="" />Whenever some corporate entity releases their new piece of hardware into the wild, <a href="

New Generation Nano Costs Apple $45.10 To Make

<img src="" />The new nano has been stripped of its camera, squashed down into a square, and given a touchscreen. Not only th

iPhone costs $188 to make

Another day, another iSuppli teardown. The folks at iSuppli have found that the iPhone 4, according to their estimates, costs $188 to make. While this is almost comically low, it says something about

Apple is definitely NOT going to lose money making the iPad

Well, iSuppli is at it again, and this time they are deconstructing the iPad. Admittedly they aren’t 100% sure about what exactly is inside the new device, they are taking their best shot at it

The $350 Kindle 2 costs only $185 to build

<img src="" />The good folks at iSuppli took it upon themselves to rip apart the Amazon Kindle 2 Great, right? What's not great is kno

Price of internal components of $79.99 iPod Shuffle adds up to $21.77

<img src="" />The guys and dolls over at iSuppli have taken apart one of those new iPod Shuffles—you know, the one that talks to y

iPhone 3G might actually cost $173, says iSuppli

Sometime last week analysts at Portelligent claimed that Apple was spending a mere $100 per iPhone 3G, but iSuppli, purveyor of such things, is claiming a preliminary “virtual teardown” of about $

Apple TV: It's Cheaper Than You Think

iSuppli’s dissection of the device revealed the $237 manufacturing price which would create a per-sale profit of $64 before marketing costs. Unusual? Absolutely, considering that products like t