• Digital magazine platform Issuu adds support for subscriptions and single-issue sales

    Digital magazine platform Issuu adds support for subscriptions and single-issue sales

    Issuu is giving publishers another way to make money from the digital magazines published on its platform. Previously, they could monetize their magazines through advertising or by using the content to drive purchases elsewhere. Now, Issuu is enabling digital sales, which means publishers can charge their readers for subscriptions and single issues. Read More

  • Digital magazine company Issuu is now a collaboration platform, too

    Digital magazine company Issuu is now a collaboration platform, too

    Digital media company Issuu has been trying to offer a better way to present content online. Now it’s a promising a better way for teams to work together on creating that content too, with the launch of a new product called Collaborate. Issuu, for those of you who don’t know, allows publishers to create digital publications. They may resemble glossy magazines, except freed from… Read More

  • Publishing Platform Issuu Hires Jeremy LaCroix, Formerly Of AOL, To Lead Design

    Publishing Platform Issuu Hires Jeremy LaCroix, Formerly Of AOL, To Lead Design

    Online publishing platform Issuu is announcing that it has hired Jeremy LaCroix as its head of product design and user experience. Joe Hyrkin, who became CEO last year, told me LaCroix was particularly suited for the job given his experience with both the digital and traditional publishing worlds. LaCroix’s career includes design/art direction at The Industry Standard and Wired… Read More

  • Issuu Mobile Makes Reading Books And Magazines Easier On Android

    What is the best reading experience on a touchscreen device? As magazines and tablet-makers grapple with this question for larger form factors, Issuu has an answer for touchscreen phones. The Web-based document-viewer just released Issue Mobile for Android phones, and is working on an iPhone app. Issuu Mobile is a mobile document reader which gives you access all the magazines, books… Read More

  • Issuu Debuts API, Goes After Docstoc And Scribd Once More

    Issuu, the Danish startup battling the likes of Docstoc and Scribd in the professional document publication and sharing space, is today introducing a REST-based API that enables its users to automatically upload and manage publications, bookmarks, and folders under their accounts. That means developers and designers can henceforth tap into the Issuu platform and services to equip their own… Read More

  • DocStoc Launches Document Collections

    Popular document sharing service DocStoc just launched a collections feature, which lets users package documents around a particular topic. DocStoc has already created close to 50 collections, including “Starting a Small Business,” “Advertising Online,” and “Traveling on a Budget,” and is opening up the platform to users to add to existing collections and… Read More

  • Issuu Adds New Features In the Race to Catch Up To Scribd

    Issuu, a company that lets you upload a PDF or other document and then flip through it easily on a dedicated Webpage or in a small embedded widget, is adding features to its service and site with the aim of becoming a more engaging destination for users. We’re big fans of Issuu—when the company first launched, it was one of the first services of its kind whose interface and… Read More

  • Scribd Had A Blowout Year, And So Did the Web Document

    The biggest surprise fro me in the social media rankings that I posted earlier today was the appearance of document sharing service Scribd in the top 20. According to the comScore numbers, it has more unique visitors worldwide than imeem and almost as many as Bebo, with 23.5 million visitors in November, 2008. (In the U.S., it had about 4 million visitors). This is a serious accomplishment for… Read More

  • Issuu Really Wants to Kill The Document Download

    One thing that I find increasingly anachronistic on the Web is the stubborn persistence of the PDF download. I really don’t need to download more junk onto my computer, especially if it is only something I am going to look at once or twice. Every document should just be viewable (and searchable) on the Web. That is why I am a big fan of services like Issuu, Docstoc, and Scribd that… Read More

  • Issuu Gets $5 Million Infusion, Adds Features And Premium Version

    Issuu just announced it has raised $5 million in a Series B investment from Sunstone Capital, which had already provided Series A funding to the amount of $1.25 million in early 2007. The Copenhagen, Denmark-based startup has also added a slew of new features to its existing product and launched a premium version for professional publishers. When we first came across Issuu, which turns… Read More

  • Finally, a Web-based PDF Viewer That Does Not Suck (Issuu)

    There are plenty of ways to embed documents into Web pages, from Scribd to DocStoc. But when it comes to replicating the look and feel of a magazine or book, most digital efforts fall flat. (Olive Software comes to mind—we used that over at Time Inc. to create Web-viewable versions of the magazines, but it was too slow and required a separate client download. Conde Nast’s Flip… Read More