• So We're Using Facebook Comments Now

    Because of a massive issue with Disqus, including a complete outage during the iPad event and a wild comment duplication error that left us with over 300,000 dupes, we’ve decided to give Facebook comments a try. I realize some may complain (I am dubious at best) but thems the breaks. Read More

  • MacBook Air: Some minor issues

    So it’s thin and it’s shipping, but is it really that great? AppleInsider has taken a closer look at the trade-offs Apple had to make to get this thing running and found that a few of the important troubleshooting steps — namely Apple Hardware Test and SMC updates — are controlled from key combinations rather than via CD or DVD. They also found that Boot Camp requires… Read More

  • Google Maps Lets You Peep Into Homes

    Over at BoingBoing, a concerned reader wrote it to let them know what Google Maps is spying into his living room. Recall that Street View feature I talked about earlier today? Great service, but it turns out you can zoom all the way into someone’s living room window. In this case, enough to make out this chick’s cat. So the big question becomes: where do you draw the line… Read More

  • Apple Says Don't Buy From iTMS, World In Shock

    Call my title a tad-bit deceiving, but it is true. Apple is telling iPod owners not to buy audiobooks from the iTunes Music Store. The reason? A glitch in audiobooks being sold on iTMS is not letting files playback on an iPod. They work fine in iTunes, but throw them on your iPod and no dice. Apple is currently refunding anyone who purchased an audiobook and is telling customers to relax while… Read More

  • Wii Are Amused By This Article

    Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites has a pretty decent article on the Nintendo Wii and what needs to be improved upon it. Excellent reasoning is given to each problem the Wii is plagued by. For instance, why does the Wii use Nintendo’s horrible system of friend codes? If I want to add my friend to a buddy list, I should just be able to throw in their user name and be done with it. Other… Read More

  • Limewire Will Make A Mess Of Your iTunes

    Apparently you can still complain about a program used for the sole purpose of pirating when it goes and breaks your iTunes library. Lately, a conflict has been discovered between Limewire and iTunes 7.1. If you have the P2P program set to automatically add songs to iTunes, your library is gonna go bye-bye. A gentleman who works at an Apple service center had this to say: I work at [an… Read More