• Happy Holidays From The International Space Station

    Astronaut Pro Tip: Shave your head before entering zero gravity environments. You’ll feel like Captain Picard (because you’re on a spaceship) combined with the nearly mind-over-body control of Professor Xavier. Plus, you won’t look like a fool on the annual Christmas card. Read More

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis fueled, awaiting her last mission

    Isn’t she beautiful? The 25-year old Space Shuttle Atlantis is ready for her last mission. She has made the journey into space 31 times and this will hopefully be her last. After returning from delivering a mini research station to the Internation Space Station, she will be kept in a state of readiness in case there is an accident aboard the ISS. It’s a big day for NASA geeks. Read More

  • The ISS gets its own HD video tour

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy this extensive HD video tour of International Space Station. You better enjoy the ISS while you can. There’s a good chance it’s going to crash into Planet Earth within the next couple of years because of budget issues unless the ESA can save it. Read More

  • The European Space Agency wants to extend the ISS's life until 2020

    Believe it or not, the current plan for the International Space Station is to abandon it in 2015 and let it crash into the atmosphere in 2016. Sad, right? But the ESA wants to keep it flying for a few more years to allow more scientist access to the zero-gravity labs. Read More

  • Tonight's spacewalk is still on even though space junk is headed right for them

    I don’t care what you say. Astronauts have balls of steel. They strap themselves onto a rocket, shit in a vacuum, and are risking death by space junk tonight. Read More

  • NASA to bring down the ISS in 2016

    Question: What do you do with a 654,000 pound space station with no budget past 2015? Read More

  • Star Trek was screened on the ISS

    Lucky cosmonaut and astronauts. Not only do they get the best corner office view ever, but they also have a legit version of Star Trek downloaded. The three men currently on board the International Space Station received a special copy of the film via NASA and settled into a dark node of the station to enjoy the show yesterday. Read More

  • Space tourist returns safely to earth

    Everyone. You can resume breathing normally as U.S. billionaire Charles Simonyi and the rest of the Russian-American space crew returned to earth from their space trip.We know you were worried about the space tourist after the original landing site was changed as it was deemed too swampy. Read More

  • NASA needs help naming an ISS module

    Apparently NASA needs help coming up with an appropriate moniker for an International Space Station module. No, they don’t want to name it after your dog. They want to follow the boring naming pattern already established by the two previous modules: Unity and Harmony. The unit will be an observation location and also the spot where the robotic arm will be controlled. Got any ideas? Read More

  • The ISS turns ten – Big Picture provides tantalizing photo history

    In true Big Picture fashion, the wonderful photolog is celebrating the 10 years of the International Space Station. The whole story is chronicled through 32 spectacular photos that are well worth your time. Thankfully there isn’t any pics of the new urine to drinking water action shots. Gross. Read More

  • Space: Astronaut loses grip on tools, finds out it’s even worse than dropping your keys in a lake

    I can just imagine Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper’s space helmet fogging up as she yelled “Nooo!!!!” while watching her bag of tools slowly but eternally float away from her. It wasn’t all her fault, though, as a grease gun apparently burst inside the tool bag while she was making repairs on the International Space Station. All of the greased-up tools must have been too… Read More