SpaceX launch will bring science and supplies to ISS and return with a glitchy Robonaut

SpaceX is about to launch its 14th resupply mission to the International Space Station, sending up a lightly used Dragon capsule filled with goodies at 1:30 PST. In addition to the delivery, this Drag

The International Space Station is getting a new printer

This story has it all: space, printers. HP’s Envy ISS, a printer designed for the extremely narrow use case of zero gravity, is hitching a ride on today’s SpaceX CSR-14 rocket launch. The pri

Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station

Google Street View now lets you explore the International Space Station (ISS) . This marks Street View’s first foray into space and gives those of us who will likely never get to visit the ISS a

A robot learns to cope with the loss of an eye in an experiment carried out on the ISS

Humans are pretty good at ballparking distances, even with one eye closed — but it turns out computer vision systems have a hard time with it. Researchers hope to fix that, or at least make robots a

NanoRacks’ commercial space testing platform outside the ISS is now open for business

Say you've got an experiment or prototype satellite that you want to expose to the ravages of space. Sure, you could launch it with a bunch of others, but what if you need it back afterwards? NanoRack

ISS installs networking tech that may soon connect the whole Solar System

When you really need to get a signal in from Pluto, a direct connection isn't always possible. Oh sure, when it's a big project like New Horizons, you can make sure the line is clear and someone's lis

ISS beams down 4K footage of Earth shot with the RED Epic Dragon

We get to see the Earth in high definition every day, it's true, but we're limited to a certain ground-level point of view. Not so much the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. And they'

NASA Spacewalk Cut Short After Spacesuit Malfunction

NASA terminated a spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS) today due to a spacesuit malfunction with one of the American astronauts. NASA’s Timothy Kopra and British astronaut Timothy

SpaceX Dragon Capsule Successfully Attaches To The ISS For Fifth Official Resupply Mission

The SpaceX Dragon capsule has successfully bolted to the International Space Station, where it will spend four weeks as it resupplies the orbiting platform during its fifth official mission as a suppl

Watch Out! International Space Station To Crash Into The Pacific After 2020 Retirement

Better lay your millions on the table now and reserve your spot on the <a href="">ISS</a> now. Russia, NASA, and the rest of the ISS' partners announced today that th

International Space Station: Great View, Lousy Internet

Don’t expect to play TF2 with anyone aboard the International Space Station. The Internet connection is too slow says Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield. The topic was brought up at a Canada Day

Happy Holidays From The International Space Station

Astronaut Pro Tip: Shave your head before entering zero gravity environments. You’ll feel like Captain Picard (because you’re on a spaceship) combined with the nearly mind-over-body contro

Space Shuttle Atlantis fueled, awaiting her last mission

Isn’t she beautiful? The 25-year old Space Shuttle Atlantis is ready for her last mission. She has made the journey into space 31 times and this will hopefully be her last. After returning from

The ISS gets its own HD video tour

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this extensive HD video tour of International Space Station. You better enjoy the ISS while you can. There’s a good chance it’s going to crash into Planet Earth

The European Space Agency wants to extend the ISS's life until 2020

<img src="">Believe it or not, <a href="">the current plan<

Tonight's spacewalk is still on even though space junk is headed right for them

I don’t care what you say. Astronauts have balls of steel. They strap themselves onto a rocket, shit in a vacuum, and are risking death by space junk tonight.

NASA to bring down the ISS in 2016

Question: What do you do with a 654,000 pound space station with no budget past 2015?

Star Trek was screened on the ISS

Lucky cosmonaut and astronauts. Not only do they get the best corner office view ever, but they also have a legit version of Star Trek downloaded. The three men currently on board the International S

Space tourist returns safely to earth

<img src="">Everyone. You can resume breathing normally as U.S. billionaire Charles Simonyi and the rest of the Russian-American spa

NASA needs help naming an ISS module

<img src="">Apparently <a href="">NASA</a> needs help coming up with an appropriate moniker for an <
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