Israeli startups

SetSail adds ChatGPT questioning capabilities on top of sales data

SetSail set out to build a new way to compensate sales people, where based on the data, companies could pay salespeople on where they were in the pipeline, not in just one big chunk when they landed t

There’s trouble in Startup Nation

For Israeli entrepreneurs, the prospect of rising pressure on the country's credit rating made banking diversification a more pressing issue.

Quantum Machines continues to grow in spite of economic uncertainity

Conventional wisdom suggests that a Series B company should be hunkering down right now, cutting costs, weathering the storm, but Israeli startup Quantum Machines is defying this approach as it contin

Applications security startup Apiiro pulls in $100M Series B from A-list investors

At a time when large rounds are a thing of the past, especially in the early stages, Apiiro, an applications security startup, announced a $100 million Series B today from several top-shelf Silicon Va

Port internal development platform gives visibility into DevOps architecture

In a typical large organization, DevOps tasks have become so complex, and involve navigating so many tools, it has become difficult to understand the current state of affairs, and to add resources whe

Tedooo raises $3M to scale its social network for buyers and sellers

Tedooo, a Tel Aviv-based social network marketed toward the trade world, has raised $3 million in seed funding led by Stardom Ventures. The platform is designed to help boost and create global trade c

CloudQuery raises $15M to demystify your cloud infrastructure setup

CloudQuery CEO and co-founder Yevgeny Pats helped launch the startup because he needed a tool to give him visibility into his cloud infrastructure resources, and he couldn’t find one on the open mar

Komodor wants to make every engineer a Kubernetes troubleshooting expert

For a time, Kubernetes, the open source container management platform, was as hot as it comes, but lately it has settled into a more mainstream cadence of a maturing technology. As more companies adop

SeeMetrics scores $6M seed to surface key security metrics for CISOs

Every CISO (chief information security officer) is tasked with keeping the company safe and secure, but it isn’t always easy to see what’s happening on the ground inside a large organizati

Pinecone announces $28M Series A for purpose-built database aimed at data scientists

When Pinecone launched last year, the company’s message was around building a serverless vector database designed specifically for the needs of data scientists. While that database is at the cor

Datagen raises $50 million Series B to empower computer vision teams

With its self-serve platform, Datagen now has a much more scalable way to help clients themselves generate the visual data that they need to train their computer vision applications.

Cylus raises $30M Series B to help protect trains and metros worldwide

As rail systems undergo a digital revolution and become far more connected and advanced, railway operators face a rapidly growing threat landscape. To combat this, railway companies demand more robust

More funding for Israel’s SaaS security startups as Atmosec raises $6 million seed round

Israeli SaaS security startup Atmosec raised a $6 million seed round led by Israeli VC firm Glilot Capital Partners and American fund Battery Ventures.

Wiz unveils new security tool to protect code in development pipeline

You will be excused if you haven’t heard of Wiz, an 18-month-old Israeli security startup from Microsoft Azure vets, but it has already been turning heads by raising $550 million on a $6 billion

Swimm nabs $27.6M Series A to include up-to-date documentation throughout coding process

Every development team needs documentation to help onboard new developers and track the details behind the project. If you’re producing an external API, it’s even more critical to have goo

Femtech startup illumigyn secures $33M to provide women with accessible and affordable medical care

According to World Health Organization, cervical cancer, the fourth most common cancer among women, affected approximately 570,000 women and resulted in about 311,000 deaths in 2018.  A startup call

Quantum Machines plans to expand quantum orchestration platform with $50M investment

Quantum Machines, an Israeli startup that is building the classical hardware and software infrastructure to help run quantum machines, announced a $50 million Series B investment today. Today’s

Cisco beefing up app monitoring portfolio with acquisition of Epsagon for $500M

Cisco announced on Friday that it’s acquiring Israeli applications-monitoring startup Epsagon at a price pegged at $500 million. The purchase gives Cisco a more modern microservices-focused comp

Acumen nabs $7M seed to keep engineering teams on track

Engineering teams face steep challenges when it comes to staying on schedule, and keeping to those schedules can have an impact on the entire organization. Acumen, an Israeli engineering operations st

Upsolver announces $13M Series A to ease management of cloud data lakes

There’s a lot of complexity around managing data lakes in the cloud that often requires expensive engineering expertise. Upsolver, an early-stage startup, wants to simplify all of that, so that
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