Raises $21.9M To Track The Online Impact Of TV Advertising

Ad measurement startup <a target="_blank" href=""></a> announced this morning that it has raised $21.9 million in Series B funding. The company says it knows exactly wher Launches Social Analytics Platform To Match TV Ads With Mentions On Twitter And Facebook

TV advertising analytics provider <a target="_blank" href=""></a> wants to become the default platform for advertisers who want to get a better view of how their ads are doi Raises $5 Million From Madrona To Monitor TV Ad Campaigns wants to provide brands, agencies, and networks with real-time data about ad campaigns that are running on TV. The company tracks all ads that appear across more than 80 networks in the U.S., Comes Out Of Stealth To Become The IMDB Of Commercials And Provide A New Second-Screen Marketing Platform

There are a few places where users can already find their favorite TV spots online, but no definitive repository of commercials. That's why wants to be <em>the</em> place to find TV ads onlin