High-profile entrepreneurs launch $85 million fund to back Indian SaaS startups

Four high-profile Indian entrepreneurs who are among those who kickstarted India’s SaaS journey, building and helping startups scale and win customers globally and also backed about 100 such firms,

Can India Create A $100B Software Products Industry?

So far, India’s over $100 billion IT industry has been built mostly on software services and back office projects delivered by TCS, Infosys and Wipro for the likes of Citibank and GE, who have

After Little Eye Labs Exit, India’s GSF Accelerator Goes Global

GSF, the Indian startup accelerator behind Little Eye Labs, which was acquired by Facebook earlier this year, is launching a cross-border program with increased seed funding and global exposure for it

As Facebook Eyes Up Little Eye Labs, Twitter Is Also Looking At A Startup In India

Reports of <a target="_blank" href="">Facebook looking to acquire</a> Bangalore-based <a href="