Muslims come into the frame in Southeast Asia’s fintech boom

Founded in 2014, Blossom Finance was first intended for Muslim entrepreneurs in the United States. The microfinancing platform connects investors with small businesses using mudarabah, a shariah-compl

Halal investment tool for Muslims lands a $5 million seed round

For religious Muslims looking to get started with investing, the options are limited. Average Muslim investors can’t afford the kind of nuanced advice that a high end financial advisor can provi

A first? Muslim woman refuses to submit to airport body scan, not allowed to board flight

<img src="" />It finally happened. A Muslim woman in Manchester refused to submit to a <a HREF="

Islam is the Light: Can we trust anything?

<img src=""><a href="">Mssrs. Des Arcades</a> pointed out the strange absurdity of suburban housewives <a

Islam is the Light: The video game

<img src="">Mattel has been accused, again, of supporting Islam in their games and toys. The company stuck some baby gib

Release of LittleBigPlanet delayed over fear of offending Muslims

[youtube] LittleBigPlanet has been delayed by about a week over concerns that it may offend Muslims. The game, which was supposed to shi