• Qualcomm Subsidiary Buys iSkoot, Which "Mobilizes Internet Services"

    Qualcomm Innovation Center, a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm, today announced it has acquired iSkoot Technologies, which specializes in the “mobilization” of Internet services such as social networks, consumer email and IM products. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Read More

  • Interview: Vinod Khosla Is On The Hunt For Great Technologies

    In venture capital, Vinod Khosla likes to go his own way, which is why he’s been so successful. He was the founding CEO of Sun Microsystems, and then moved to venture capital and became a star partner at Kleiner Perkins, where he backed Juniper Networks, Cerent (sold to Cisco for $7 billion) and NexGen (sold to AMD and formed the basis for its challenge to Intel). About five years… Read More

  • iSkoot Notifier Goes International

    iSkoot’s Notifier product takes some of the most popular social services on the web, and puts in a format that’s easy to read on average phones. By “average” I don’t mean smartphones, because remember, most of the world still does not have those. Today, iSkoot is taking the Notifier product international thanks to a deal with German carrier E-Plus. While… Read More

  • Skype Integration On Handsets: Threat Or Opportunity For Mobile VoIP Startups?

    Skype is (finally) teaming up with mobile handset maker Nokia to get their VoIP and IM software program pre-installed on some of its devices, as announced at the Mobile World Congress and reported by MobileCrunch. The eBay-owned company had 405 million registered users in total at the end of last year, and Nokia is still the largest handset maker in the world until further notice, so this is… Read More

  • iSkoot's Kalaida Platform Makes Your Plain Phone Smarter

    iSkoot, the startup that specializes in creating software for the billions of mobile phones that aren’t smartphones, has released its new Kalaida Platform, allowing users to access their social networks, RSS feeds, and Email from their basic cell phones. The platform is the same one that powers iSkoot’s recently-released Notifier application available on AT&T’s Media… Read More

  • iSkoot Moves Beyond Mobile Skype With Notifier

    iSkoot is moving beyond Skype for mobile phones with the release of a more general mobile application called Notifier on AT&T’s Media Mall. Notifier lets users read RSS feeds and interact with Facebook, email (Gmail and AOL mail) and IM (AIM and Google Talk). This isn’t an iPhone/Android application, it’s made for users who don’t have those kinds of fancy phones. Read More

  • Downturn-Busting Venture Round For iSkoot: $19 Million

    One thing’s for sure – the cream rises to the top in a downturn. And San Francisco/Israel based iSkoot, which has built technology that lets mobile users access Skype via normal mobile handsets, look like it’s the cream. The company has raised a third round of financing – $19 million from new investor Vision Opportunity Master Fund. Existing investors Charles River… Read More

  • More Android Video Reviews (Barcode Scanners, Skype Client, Drawing)

    Since most of you don’t have an Android G1 phone, we are featuring some video reviews from the AppVee crew to show you what you are missing (or not, depending on your point of view). You can watch the first ten video reviews in an earlier post. Below are five more, two of which are on my top ten (ShopSavvy and iSkoot for Skype). One of the most potentially useful set of apps on Android… Read More

  • Mobile VoIP Startup iSkoot Buys

    Pushing beyond its mobile Skype service, iSkoot has purchased, and instant messaging client that let’s you IM all of your Facebook friends. iSkoot already has a partnership with Skype to bring the VoIP service to mobile phones, including Skype-branded mobile phones in other countries. With, it will add a Web-based IM service that taps into your social network. Read More