Apple’s Continuity Camera lets you use your iPhone as a webcam

Apple is improving its webcam on the shiny new M2 MacBooks, but for those of us still chugging along on our existing MacBooks, we’ll be able to use our iPhones as webcams ( … if we don’t

FireEye Picks Up Fellow Cybersecurity Intelligence Firm iSight For $200M

Cybersecurity and analysis firm FireEye is boosting its service with the acquisition of competitor iSight in a $200 million deal.

Thieves pictured post-heist from MacBook iSight, caught

A note to future would-be thieves planning on stealing Apple laptops: You can use a small piece of tape to obstruct the built-in iSight camera to keep from being identified by police as the person who

From the cheap + weird files: the iPatch iSight camera lens

[photopress:ipatch.jpg,full,center]Scared that l33t Haxx0rz are able to watch you through your MacBook or iMac’s iSight camera without you knowing it? Always on your best behavior because you do

New iMacs Include 1.3-Megapixel iSight

Sure, the new iMacs have a sweet new keyboard and an updated look. Yeah, there’s a few improvements in price, parts, speed, etc. Did you know that Apple quietly upgraded the iSight as well? New

Patent Monkey: Eye Tracking for Computers

In watching the growing interest in web tracking, with players like clickdensity combined with analytics to fine tune preferences, we thought Canon’s recently received patent covering the use of

Huckleberry's Camera Makes Your iSight Into A Real Camera

A company with the fun-to-say name of Huckleberry has announced this nifty mirror that turns your Macbook iSight camera into a conventional camera. Never again will you have to turn the machine around