Come play YC bingo with TechCrunch

We here at TechCrunch love a good demo day, replete with startups showing off their idea, traction and, at times, product. Sitting through dozens or hundreds of pitches, be it at Techstars or Y Combin

RED ALERT! STOP THE INTERNET! John Hodgman of Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads uses an iPhone! But he’s a PC!

John Hodgman, the PC from Apple’s Mac vs. PC advertisements was recently caught in the act on the New York subway — “the act” meaning “using an iPhone”. This should actually come as no

The BFF Files: LittleRed gets no remote

A tale of woe from BFF: My office received a box from AT&T today. We hadn’t ordered anything from them so we were a bit confused by it (we host our production website at an AT&T data center)

Lawmaker Votes for Talking-While-Driving Law, Breaks Law, Causes Accident, Makes Us Chuckle a Little Bit

We’re filing this one under “cruel, humorous irony.” State Senator Carole Migden is a crusader for public safety, it would seem, voting for a measure to fine people for talking on th