• I AM I-RON-MAN! aka Moto's next Android phone

    Looks like we’ve got a twofer, folks. Just as I predicted, Android adds the special fairy dust to feature phones that will make them appealing to a mass audience and Moto seems to know it. This phone, Read More

  • Timex iPod-Controlling Ironman iControl Watch Review

    I got my grubby hands on a brand new Timex Ironman iControl watch today. Like most watches, it tells you the time. Unlike most watches, it allows you to remotely control your iPod. To get that done, you’ve got to plug in a little dongle into the iPod which connects with the watch via low-frequency radio waves. Click the jump to see full pics and review. Read More

  • Timex Ironman iControl Watch: Wirelessly Control Your iPod

    I feel icky writing about the Timex Ironman iControl. Not because it strikes me as “lame” or “dumb”—the watch wireless controls your iPod or iPhone, letting you select, pause, rewind etc. music—but because my favorite watch review Web site hasn’t looked at it yet. Aside from looking like a Fisher Price toy, iControl does all the tricks that other… Read More