Iron Man

Unboxing: Blu-ray "Iron Man" Ultimate Edition

This is a gadget blog not a movie blog! Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to share with my fellow comic book geeks the unboxing of the Blu-ray “Iron Man” Ultimate Editio

Pre-order special collector's edition Blu-ray Iron Man now

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer Amazon isn’t revealing what’s so special about the collector’s edition of the greatest comic book movie ever made

Are you nerdy enough to rock this DIY Iron Man arc reactor?

I triple-dog-dare you to wear this out to a nice bar one night. I guarantee it’ll get you ladies. Hey, it worked for Tony Stark. It helps if you grow a goatee too, like this joker. Hey, he looks

Army suit increases human strength by 20 times

A U.S. Army contractor has developed an Iron Man-like suit that can amplify human strength by up to 20 times. (You’d almost be able to lift Biggs, then!) The suit, developed by Salt Late City-ba

Marvel rolling in cash, many more movies to come

Despite Marvel’s attempt to shut down our Iron Man screening in SF last week, I have nothing but good things to say about them. Well, Marvel Studios to be exact. If you haven’t seen Iron M

Iron Man vs. GTA IV: They're both winners!

There was much speculation — especially on the part of this blogger — that the release of GTA IV the same week as Iron Man might hurt the films revenue, the idea being that nerds would be

Iron Man a strong start to overall cinematic Marvel universe

Do you know what I did this last weekend? Besides attending the awesome CrunchGear reader meet-up in New York, my co-bloggers Peter and Devin and I attended a screening of Iron Man, and it was awesome

GTA IV vs. Iron Man: It's on this weekend

We talked back in March about how all of you nerds spending your time on GTA IV could mean a lull in sales for the opening weekend of Iron Man. Besides spending your weekly allowance on a $60 DVD, you

Iron Man mobile, now with more C&D action

Hands-on Mobile has released Iron Man: The C&D. Only instead of Tony Stark you play a slightly overweight lawyer who represents Marvel Comics. You always wanted to write real fiction but your moth

Marvel cancelling our Iron Man screening? WTF?!

It appears Marvel is none to happy about us giving our readers in SF a crack at Iron Man before opening day since TC just received a C&D from Marvel. MA used to be a lawyer so hopefully he can get

W00T! Nominally free Iron Man screening in San Fran! Act fast!

Iron Man Exclusive Trailer CrunchGear and TechCrunch are hosting a special event tomorrow, April 30 (Wednesday) in San Francisco – a special screening o

Real examples of Iron Man-like power suits

Iron Man comes to us next week, and we are stoked bloggers. Sure, this isn’t a movie site, but we’ve moved beyond just gear into the CrunchLifestyle, and that includes all things awesome l

Final Iron Man game trailer

WTF: "Iron Man" trailer to become full length film? I don’t typically pay much attention to the Onion, but this is freaking hilarious. Thanks for sending this in, Kels

CrunchArcade: Iron Man unlockable armor shots

Excited for Iron Man yet? The game’s May 2 release date—one day after the CrunchGear party, for the record—draws nearer. As such, tidbits of gameplay information continue to trickle

Sega unveils Iron Man suits from new game

With Iron Man just a few weeks away from hitting the big screen, there’s been some talk in the video game circles abut the game, and today Sega revealed all the powerful armors available to Iron

CrunchArcade: Everything you want to see or know about Iron Man Sega’s upcoming “Iron Man” video game launch will coincide with the theatrical release on May 2 and I’m, well, pretty ecst

Where did Iron Man (the song) come from?

Clearly the MSM is working hard to find ways to build up Robert Downey Junior’s turn as Iron Man in the upcoming film of the same name. This usually means the movie will suck but in a cool yet i

Hands on: Special edition Iron Man LG Shine

We managed to get our hands on the special edition Iron Man version of the LG Shine and, boy oh boy, is it pretty. The back plate is 18k gooooooooold. I tried to walk away with it, but security tackle

Why is Iron Man at the LG booth?

Hmm…Maybe he’s guarding this!
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