• Astell & Kern amps up the portability of its hi-res music players with the AK70

    Astell & Kern amps up the portability of its hi-res music players with the AK70

    It feels good to walk around with the AK70 in my pocket. It’s kind of like meeting an old friend for drinks. Someone you haven’t talked to or even really thought about for a while, but whose absence left a hole roughly the size of a deck of cards in your heart — or pants pocket. I was dragging my heels when it came to giving up my music player. It wasn’t until the… Read More

  • iriver Story HD Becomes The First Google eBooks Ereader, To Be Sold Exclusively At Target

    There’s a new ereader in town, gals and pals. The iriver Story HD will soon be available at Target for $139.99. While by all accounts, it’s a fine piece of hardware — 7.3 ounces, first six-inch XGA e-ink screen, SD card slot, WiFi, six week battery life — it’s the Google Books integration that will likely spur sales. This might be the best anti-Kindle/Nook ereader… Read More

  • The iRiver P8 PMP Reminds Us That iRiver Is Still In Business

    Remember iRiver? Well, they’re still making PMPs. Their latest is the P8 with 5-inch touchscreen and a hotsexy interface with 800 x 480 resolution. It supports most major audio and video codecs and includes up to 16GB of memory, expandable to 32GB via microSD. Amazing? Probably not, but sexy enough. Read More

  • U100 From iRiver Is Sexy And Zune-Like; You Will Probably Never Have One

    Now, I’m not saying that this particular gadget is the best thing in the world, but I do have to say that I like the look, and of course microSDHC support and a big battery are a plus. The interface looks very Zune-like, right down to the circled triangle for “play” and the sans-serif, left-aligned white-on-dark typography. Maybe they did it first and Microsoft copied them? Read More

  • iRiver's Cover Story E-Reader Shows Up At FCC

    I’m a fan of iRiver; have been ever since their SlimX MP3-CD player. I’ve admired their other gear from afar, and I suspect that will be how I admire their latest, the Cover Story e-reader. It’s among the cleanest readers I’ve seen, perhaps outdone only by the Plastic Logic Que (R.I.P.). iRiver knows how to make a slick device, that’s for sure. Read More

  • Video: iriver's Portable Media Player "S100 Panorama"

    After launching the S100 Panorama in South Korea back in June, iriver today announced [JP] it will bring their media player to Japan (the company is yet to list the device on its global website). Technically, the player isn’t anything special, but it looks quite cute and comes in a total of three colors (white, black and pink). Read More

  • The Iriver Story Touch Edition Is Just What It Sounds Like

    The iriver story isn’t exactly a mainstream hit here in the states. Well, actually, that can be said about most of iriver’s wares, but it’s a popular brand abroad so it should come as a surprise to see the next generation of the iriver’s ebook reader. The story Touch Edition builds upon the first model, but does away with the QWERTY keyboard and instead opts for a… Read More

  • Hands-on with the US-bound iRiver Story

    Guys! E-Book readers are everywhere at CES 2010. You should see it here. Anyone with a Chinese manufactuering contract seems to have one. (More to come, get excited) But there are only a few that are worth your time and ours. The iRiver Story is one of these and the good news is that you’ll be able to buy one real soon. Read More

  • Hello Kitty Music Player Premium

    The Hello Kitty Music Player Crystal, made in cooperation with luxury brand Swarovski, I blogged about in October drew the attention of quite a few (mostly female) CrunchGear readers. One of the problems was the price: $150 for a fairly basic music player isn’t cheap. But now Japan-based Mouse Computer, in cooperation with iriver Japan, is offering a similar device. And their so-called… Read More

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