IREX e-reader listed at Best Buy for $449

<img src="" />With all the talk about <a href="">the nook</a> lately, you might have forgotten that t

Hands-on: I have held the IREX DR 800SG, and it's not half bad at all

<img src="" />For the thousandth time: perhaps the last bit of tech that genuinely interests me these days (besides video games, but that'

Live at the Barnes and Noble Irex DR 800SG launch

Nicholas is live at the Barnes & Noble Irex reader event and will report back what he’s seeing including, but not limited to, information on the e-reader. Watch this post for more details as

8.1-inch iRex e-book reader will be sold at Best Buy, use Verizon network

  Our own Nicholas Deleon is on his way to the official announcement this morning but here’s the latest on the iRex e-book reader that’s set to be launched in partnership with Barnes & No

IREX eReader clinches Barnes & Noble eBookstore

IREX’s 8.1-inch touchscreen eReader is set to launch later this year and today they’ve announced that Barnes & Noble will be providing more than 750,000 titles when it hits the market. That is