• ThinkFlood recalling their iPhone/iPad IR blaster

    Lot C0101 of the RedEye mini IR adapter for the iPhone and iPad have been recalled for structural issues. The plug can crack away from the case and cause problems. In fact, the plug is attached only with a small piece of adhesive tape, which reduces the total structural integrity to nil. Read More

  • DIY: Nikon IR remote in a Lego

    Here’s a little DIY project for you Nikon shooters out there. Certain models of the Nikon DSLR support IR remotes, but to buy an actual “Nikon” brand remote from your local camera shoppe will set you back around $40. Why not build one yourself instead? Read More

  • Corporate Tweets and the SEC: Sometimes It's Better To Keep Your Mouth Shut

    Last year, I covered the landmark SEC decision to recognize corporate blogs and potentially other forms of Social Media as a recognized form of meeting public disclosure requirements under Regulation FD (Fair Disclosure) – in some cases. It was a significant validation of a widely recognized medium for sharing information between publicly-traded companies and stakeholders. Jonathan… Read More

  • FLIR PathFindIR keeps you safe at night

    Two seconds later I kicked Biggs in the nuts. Product Name: PathFindIR
    Description: A thermal imaging camera that boasts the ability to let you see 5-times farther than normal headlights while driving at night. It’s currently the core thermal imager in BMW’s Night Vision nighttime driving aid system. Read More

  • Manta TR1 Allows Apple Remotes On All Macs

    Envious of your friends and their new iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros with the Apple remote? If you get the $16 Manta TR1 IR receiver, you can control any Mac with the Apple Remote. The device connects via USB, and can be hidden out of sight to not clutter up your desk. There’s also an IR expander in case you want to do IR transmitting or IR blasting. As of right now, the transmitter… Read More