• MobiTV raises $21M as it pivots into set-top box-free IPTV for the living room

    MobiTV raises $21M as it pivots into set-top box-free IPTV for the living room

    MobiTV, one of the first companies (est. 1999) to bring TV services to mobile devices, has raised some funding as it moves into a late-stage pivot to bring its technology to the living room. The company today announced that it has picked up a growth round of $21 million from Oak Investment Partners and Ally Bank. Read More

  • Microsoft To Sell IPTV Mediaroom Division To Ericsson, Will Refocus TV Efforts On Xbox

    Microsoft To Sell IPTV Mediaroom Division To Ericsson, Will Refocus TV Efforts On Xbox

    Microsoft announced today via its blog that it will be selling its Mediaroom properties to Ericsson, in a deal that will see Ericsson become the dominant IPTV player in the industry with over 25 percent market share. Mediaroom operates as a pretty much separate company from Microsoft, with its own HQ in Mountain View and around 400 employees, and powers TV offerings like AT&T U-verse, as… Read More

  • Google Serves BT With Patent Suit In The UK Using Motorola TV Patents

    Google Serves BT With Patent Suit In The UK Using Motorola TV Patents

    Following up from its legal filing yesterday in the U.S., Google has now officially served BT with legal papers for patent infringements in its home market of the UK. While yesterday’s suit concerned enterprise services, the UK finding reveals that Google is using Motorola patents to go after BT, claiming it is making infringements in its IPTV services and its set-top boxes. Thus a… Read More

  • Google TV Adds New International Apps, But It’s Still Only Available In U.S.

    Google TV Adds New International Apps, But It’s Still Only Available In U.S.

    Google today announced another step in the build-out of its Google TV service: it is adding several new international channels in the form of apps to the Google TV platform, aimed at those who live in the U.S. but are missing content from home. Among them are a mix of entertainment and news services, including al-Jazeera, the Chinese-language PPTV, the IslamBox collection of channels, Yupp… Read More

  • Motorola Intros A QWERTY IPTV Remote That Might Just Make It Into Your Livingroom

    Motorola is the defacto standard for cable company set-top boxes. Nearly every provider uses Moto boxes and software. This installs hope that the accessories Motorola announced today at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam actually have a chance at making it into the average consumer’s life. Read More

  • Samsung Considering Android-Powered HDTVs To Compete With Sony And Apple

    HDTVs are the next consumer electronic battlefield and Samsung is apparently testing out Android on its sets in order to step up their offering in response to the latest from Sony, Apple and others. Currently, Samsung is the world’s leader in HDTVs sold but there’s a shake-up looming and Samsung no doubt wants to retain its title. Android may or may not be the answer. Read More

  • Microsoft Improves Mediaroom IPTV

    Microsoft announced that it has improved its Mediaroom IPTV service to bring more show producers and IPTV networks to its platform. According to Microsoft, its plan for increasing the value of Mediaroom IPTV contains three parts: increase advertising opportunities, make it easier for IPTV networks to port shows to the platform, and make IPTV more interactive. The improved Mediaroom platform… Read More

  • Quick and dirty: What Panasonic will be showing off at IFA 2008

    I’m here at IFA in Berlin, a stone’s throw away from my temporary base of operations in Barcelona. The show itself—think CES, just run by a bunch of well-dressed Europeans—starts this weekend, but a few companies are having hip-hip hooray press conferences a bit early, announcing new products then quickly putting them back behind a curtain, saying how great they are, etc. Read More

  • Revision 3 says RIAA/MPAA anti-piracy company responsible for recent outage

    Flickr’d You guys watch Revision 3, right? Diggnation, Tekzilla (my personal favorite), Totally Rad, etc. The company was DoS’d last week, and you’ll never guess who was responsible. Can you say MediaDefender, the same company the RIAA and MPAA employs to shut down illegal BitTorrent trackers? According to Rev3’s CEO Jim Louderback, the anti-BitTorrent company had… Read More

  • Akimbo calls it quits

    Remember Akimbo? It’s gone now. The company launched an internet-connected hardware box for your TV a few years ago and charged about $10 a month for a handful of channels, some mainstream. After a while, Akimbo abandoned the hardware aspect and made itself into a software service that you could use with, say, Windows Media Center. I tried it for a very brief period of time and found… Read More

  • One-third of Hong Kong households watch TV via the Internet; U.S. not even close

    This adorable graph shows worldwide IPTV penetration. More specifically, it shows the percentage of households per country that watch TV via the Internet. Hong Kong leads the line, followed by Iceland and Estonia. Not a single Western Hemisphere country is listed, which must thrill the likes of NBC (Hulu) and ABC. Certainly, I watch all my TV shows (“Lost,” “the… Read More

  • Setanta Sports no longer offered on ITVN IPTV service: Trouble ahead?

    [photopress:itvnset.jpg,full,center] These are tough times for IPTV service ITVN. The subscription-based service, which offered hundreds of average to above average quality channels (like 600K streams… think really good Internet streaming) to its subscribers, will no longer be offering Setanta Sports starting next month. Setanta Sports, an Irish corp, broadcasts “other”… Read More

  • Microsoft says Xbox 360 IPTV screens real, but not part of Fall Update

    Screens of an IPTV interface in the Xbox 360 Dashboard put people into a frenzy. Were these legitimate screen shots, or were they just the work of some lonely teen? Nope, they’re real. Just don’t expect them with the upcoming Fall Update. Microsoft admitted that the screens are real, but that its IPTV services will be rolled out after the Fall Update. On top of that, it’s up… Read More

  • Indonesian Mobile TV Based on DMB Technology

    Handset users in Indonesia will get their mobile TV on the Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) technology. This same broadcast technology is used for transmitting digital TV to mobile handset users in Japan and Korea, and today Indonesia’s PT Agis announced that it has formed a partnership with IPTV systems integrator Broadband Network Systems (BNS) and Toshiba. Together the… Read More

  • Microsoft Renames IPTV Service, Adds Features: Mediaroom, Now With Developer Support

    Microsoft just gave its budding IPTV service a shot in the arm and renamed it Mediaroom, which is surely the product of several months of extensive focus group testing. The name isn’t the only thing to change with this update to the service, as Redmond added the ability to share digital music and photos (isn’t that Windows Home Server’s job?) within the home and support… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Microsoft to Take on Joost?

    Two things show a company is getting ramped up to enter a business – filing for patents and lining up a trademark. Microsoft has done both in the online video arena and could be in a position to take on Joost. A recently filed trademark image and a look at Joost matched up to Microsoft’s video + chat patent after the jump. Read More

  • VeeSee IPTV for Deaf Folks: See, IPTV Can Be Used to Fill Niches

    Look at that! Someone using technology for a good cause and not just to pump out more megapixels or whowhatsits per second. Going by the name of VeeSee, this Britian-based IPTV service (think Joost) caters to deaf people, with programming where British Sign Language is the lingua franca. The company felt there was a lack of deaf person-friendly programming on traditional TV programming to… Read More

  • Akimbo Courts PC Users, NHL Fans

    Most video-content companies are concentrating on getting their stuff off your computer and onto your TV. Akimbo was already on TVs, however, and is now working on getting that content onto your PC. The company announced today that its Internet video-on-demand service will be available next week in beta release for Windows XP and Vista-based PCs. Akimbo already made it possible for users to… Read More

  • Samsung, STMicroelectronics and Metalink Unveil Wireless HD IPTV Set-Top Box

    Some exciting news has come out of CeBIT this morning from Samsung, STMicoelectronics and Metalink. They’ve collaborated on a set-top box that they are hoping will revolutionize the way you watch TV. The SMT-H6155 will support HD TV based on the 802.11n wireless IPTV standard. HD video decoding is taken care of with the STMicroelectronics STi7109 chipset and multiple HD video streams… Read More

  • Joost for Mac Reviewed: Huh, Looks Cool

    I wasn’t really following the Joost train but now my interest is piqued. Ars Technica got their hands on the OS X client and was duly impressed. Except for a few odd problems, it looks like it’s running quite well and is an exact replica of the Windows client. As much as I like Media Center and hopefully will like Apple TV, this looks like the future. Just as Skype has replaced… Read More