• Sony Walkman Sales Surpass iPod Sales In Japan

    Apple is huge in Japan. The iPhone sells well, as do Macs, the iPad and, of course, the iPod. For years, big A’s music players haven been outselling Sony’s Walkman, the No. 2 favorite device among Japanese consumers. In the past month, however, things have changed (on the picture above, you can see the Sony Walkman S series Sony launched back in May). Read More

  • Apple Announces The New iPod Touch: Dual Cameras, Retina Screen

    Apple unveiled the new iPod touch today at their special event, along with several other music- and media-related devices. Of course, we’ve been hearing murmurs and leaks about it for some time now, and the new device pretty much tallies with our expectations. Read More

  • Apple Shrinks the iPod Nano But Manages To Add A Touchscreen

    Today, Apple announced the next iteration of the iPod nano. Just as leaked, the new version is smaller and squarer. The rumored touchscreen is also onboard – though it’a pretty small (46% smaller – 42% lighter). Apple thinks it is very usable. Read More

  • 275 Million iPods Sold To Date, iPod Touch Is The Most Popular

    At today’s Apple Press event, Steve Jobs dropped some pretty impressive iPod stats, as he announced a complete revamp of the line. In addition to the new Nano, Shuffle, Jobs introduced a ramped up iPod touch, which is the most popular iPod model and also outsells Nintendo and Sony combined in terms of being a portable game player. The iPod sales contribute to the over 230K iOS… Read More

  • Watch Tomorrow's Apple Event Live

    If you’re interested in what Apple’s got cooking for tomorrow’s big event, Apple has just announced you’ll be able to watch it live at Apple.com (where else?), starting at 10AM Pacific. As a veteran liveblogger, I have to say I am a bit disturbed at being phased out after only a year or two of use. In fact, most events worth writing up as they happen are now offering… Read More

  • Make Your Own iPod Nano V6 Double Rainbow

    Not much to see here besides cases for the unannounced and unreleased iPod nano — or shuffle. Read More

  • Apple To Reignite The iPod Fire With Hot New Models This Week? Yep.

    Apple has an event on the books for this coming Wednesday and it’s widely expected that Steve-O will announce new iDevices, specifically an iOS-version of the Apple TV and new iPods. Most of the pre-iTV news is purely speculative as we really don’t know much about it, although it should hit at a lower price point and a new cloud-based iTunes should debut alongside the device. Read More

  • Gamepad Turns Your iPhone/iPod Into A Game Boy

    It’s pretty much an accepted fact that the iPhone is a great mobile gaming platform. What is also accepted is that the controls are somewhat less then optimal for some kinds of games. Enter the iControlPad. Now, I’m not 100% behind this idea, mainly because it takes a mobile gaming device and makes it decidely less mobile. I guess you could carry the iControlPad with you, and just… Read More

  • Leaked iPod Cases Show New iPod Nano Design

    We’ve already seen a few pieces of the new iPod touch, which, though it may not be a carbon copy of the iPhone 4 minus the phone, it’ll probably follow the example of previous devices in providing similar functionality. The new Nano, though — we’ve had some speculation based on the tiny touchscreen leaked a while back, but I was skeptical of the usability of such a… Read More

  • Sony Announces the RDP-X50iPBLK, a 3G Certified Speaker Dock for iPod/iPhone

    Sony sure knows how to name their products, don’t they? “RDP-X50iPBLK” easily rolls off the tongue and instantly transmits the notion of “iPhone speaker dock!” This speaker dock does all you’d expect from an iPhone or iPod speaker dock: it plays your music, charges your device, and sports a remote control. There’s also a line-in jack in case you want… Read More

  • Insufferably Self-Promoting iPhone Repair People Look At the 4G iPod Touch

    Look, we get it: some folks been able to source iPod Touch 4G screens from creepshow contacts in Asia. We’re well aware that there will probably be a front-facing camera, the screen will probably be better, and it will probably be available on September 7, just in time for Apple’s back-to-school event. In all honesty, I’m kind of over it. Read More

  • Get Your iPod Touch 4th Gen Parts Here!

    It’s almost that time of the year. Are you excited? It’s almost new iPod time! Of course there will be a new iPod touch, but the big question is whether it will have dual cameras and retina display. If these parts from China have anything to say, it’s that there will be at least a front-facing camera, perfect for Facetime. Apparently this part is a prototype and leaked out… Read More

  • Dodonpachi Resurrection: New iPhone Bullet Hell Shooter Gets Trailer

    Good news if you’re a fan of bullet hell shooters (on the iPhone): Japan-based game maker Cave today released new screenshots and the first gameplay trailer for Dodonpachi Resurrection, its second shooting game for i-devices (following Espgaluda II in April). Dodonpachi is a fairly famous game series, and Resurrection’s iPhone version is actually the first home conversion of the… Read More

  • Apple Is About to Own Your Face

    My mom totally wants one of these. My mom doesn’t know smartphones, but she wants Facetime. The same woman who used a Motorola RAZR for most of the last decade now wants to drop – or, more precisely, wants me to drop – $299 for a new iPhone 4 so she can see the grandkids. Why? Because it seems like magic to her that she can see live video of the grandkids without having to… Read More

  • Rash Of Traffic Accidents Blamed On 'iPod Oblivion'

    Apple’s iPod has been singled out as the reason for more than 17 accidents per day in the UK. The situation has been dubbed “iPod Oblivion”: people so “into” what’s playing on their iPod that they ignore the world around them, necessarily leading to accidents. Read More

  • 34 Minor iPod Accidents: Apple Under Scrutiny By The Japanese Government

    If you’re Apple and manufacture and sell hundreds of millions of electronic devices over the years, accidents are unavoidable. But according to Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Apple’s local subsidiary failed to report 34 mostly minor accidents involving the iPod nano (first generation). Read More

  • Is This The Next iPod Touch?

    Disclosure: The photo above isn’t supposed to be the next iPod touch. It’s a photo mock up that one case manufacturer apparently made to match the specs provided by Apple. As you can clearly see, though, there’s a rear-facing camera with flash. Does this mean Apple is finally ready to put a camera in the Touch? Read More

  • CERAMICA: Japanese Designer Mini Speakers

    Japan-based accessory maker Momoyama is offering a range of ceramic mini speakers that come with an iPod cradle and in funny (stylish?) forms. Choose, for example, between a pig, a hippo, an apple or a cute elephant (more versions can be seen here [JP]). Read More

  • The Cloud Is Nice For Music, But Vital For Video

    The Cloud Is Nice For Music, But Vital For Video

    A new report by CNET’s Greg Sandoval yesterday gave an update on Apple and Google’s race to deploy music to the cloud. Basically, according to his sources, Apple isn’t close to doing anything massive in the space. Google, meanwhile, is likely closer but may have a hard time getting traction early on due to iTunes’ dominance. But the most interesting bit is buried a… Read More

  • What's Apple going to do with a 3×3-cm touchscreen display? New iPod? New MacBook Pro touchpad?

    We have here what appears to be a new touchscreen interface for a Mac. Exactly what type of Mac, or when it’s due, or whether it’s even real, not sure. The leading candidate, however: a touchpad display for the MacBook Pro. Tenterhooks, people, tenterhooks. Read More

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