• Blue's Mikey: The Big, Nice Microphone For iPods/iPhones

    While I rarely am able to get out to tape Dead shows anymore – what with most of the the band-members being dead themselves – this would have been a great help back when I was shipping reel-to-reels all over the country with little notes saying “Check out Ripple on this one. Man, you can hear Jerry’s stomach rub up against the mic stand.” It’s basically a… Read More

  • $1000 iPad B&O Speaker Dock: Fools And Money, Soon Parted

    Have you been asking “How can I attach my iPad to a comical-looking speaker dock so I can, presumably, leave said iPad and dock on a very large table?” If you haven’t, why not? Bang & Olufsen, the rich man’s Bose, just released this massive dock for the iPad, allowing you to connect and play music and media from the iPad. Read More

  • Is Apple Finally Poised To Cut The Insanely Annoying Cords To My Head?

    Of all the annoyances in my life, the one I deal with most regularly has to be the untangling of headphone wires. Several times a day I reach into my pocket and pull out a wad of cords that look as if they have been intentionally tangled up by some sort of pocket gnome. It drives me insane. Wireless earphones are nothing new, but the best ones usually don’t fit in your pocket: the number… Read More

  • Shanzai Finally Builds Fake iPod Nanos

    I just bought my sister an iPod Nano and she really seems to like it. However, I don’t know how much she’d like a fake iPod Nano from the Shanzai markets. This wee fake comes in two sizes, 1.5 or 1.8 inches, and even comes in multiple colors. No pricing, but given my experience with Chinese junk I wouldn’t recommend picking it up. Read More

  • The iPod Nano Wristwatch Gets Slightly Less Ridiculous

    The original iPod Nano watch was a little raw, and the follow-up from Incipio wasn’t much of an improvement. And let’s be honest, this new one isn’t going to win any awards either. But at least if you want to embarrass yourself publicly, you have more options than ever now. Read More

  • VLC For iPhone And iPod Touch Imminent

    Good news for iOS users: versatile video app VLC has been submitted to the App Store as a universal app, and I see no reason why it should be rejected. Expect to join your iPad brethren in playing a variety of video files without the need to jailbreak or part with your hard-earned gold pieces. Read More

  • Going The Distance: Nike+ GPS Vs. RunKeeper

    As someone who ostensibly tries to keep fit, I’ve found the best way to pretend to lose weight is to fiddle around with iPhone apps during my workout. First, it reduces the mind-crushing pain of exercise and allows me to go to a place in myself where I can avoid the boredom of exertion. To that end I decided to test out the new Nike+ GPS app alongside an old favorite, RunKeeper. Both… Read More

  • New BMWs To Sport Apple Interface, iPad And iPod Out Integration

    The Paris Motor show is going on now. The usual car unveilings are a given, but also the shows are becoming a place for automakers to showcase and release exciting new tech. Take BMW for example, they are known around the globe for making the “ultimate driving machines.” Now, they are entering the realm of being the ultimate connectivity machine. Read More

  • Incipio Creates "Watch Adapter" For iPod Nano

    Just in time for Yom Kippur you can rend your clothes and wail at the new Incipio watch adapter for the iPod Nano. You slap the Nano into a tiny case, attached it to a $9.99 nylon bracelet, and you’re golden. The case costs $24 and will be available in October. Trust me: don’t turn your Nano into a watch. Just get a nice Casio and let the Nano do its job as an MP3 player. Read More

  • Altec-Lansing Octiv Duo Charges Two iPhones At A Time

    Always fighting with the significant other about who gets to use the dock to charge their phone? Maybe you have a nano and a iPhone and you want to charge both, or you have a personal phone and a work phone. Whatever the reason, you need a dock with two charging ports, instead of the standard just one. Plus, you want it to sound good when you play music on it. Just your luck, Altec Lansing… Read More

  • Tango TRX Plays Audio Wirelessly For iPhone, iPod

    There’s quite a few options out there for iPod/iPhone docks, and you typically get what you pay for. The latest dock comes from XtremeMac – the Tango TRX. The Tango TRX is a 2.1 wireless speaker dock that you can also wirelessly send your audio to from your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Read More

  • Make Your Own iWatch

    I wanted to make an iWatch but I didn’t really feel the need to buy another Nano. That said, if you want to try your hand at iWatchery, hop over to GnomonWatches or even eBay and just look for a “Bond” strap in the style you like. Read More

  • The Woogie: Why, God, Why?

    Look, I’m as worried as the next guy when I give my kid my iP*d to play with. They always come back covered in jam and nearly broken but I love my kids and if they want to watch Surprised Kitten over and over, let them. But I don’t want to feel that they have my iStuff enough to require a freaking fluffy case with built-in speakers and batteries. That’s just too much. Well… Read More

  • The iPod Nano Watch: Fashion Win Or Fashion Fail?

    You knew someone was going to do it, it was just a question of time. The real question is does the iPod Nano actually work as a wristwatch? Well, that depends on your definition of “works”. Read More

  • iPod Nano Still Has TV Out, Video DNA

    Remember the last generation of iPod Nano? It made a great little video recorder, but ended up being banned in some gyms due to privacy concerns. You have to wonder, did Apple do such a complete redesign on the Nano because of that controversy? Well whatever the reason, there are still traces of that video capability in the firmware. Apple also left in the ability to display a photo slideshow… Read More

  • Tearing Down The iPod Shuffle: Harder Than You Think

    Tearing down the iPod Shuffle may look easy – it is, after all, made of a few pieces of aluminium press-fitted and glued together – but the poor lads at iFixIt had a dickens of a time. Their complaint? Although this step makes it look super-simple to open the Shuffle, it’s not. It took us a good half hour of prying and heat-gunning to open the little guy.
    Pro tip: Aluminum… Read More

  • Are You Getting New iStuff This Season?

    With reviews trickling out of the new iGear, I wonder if anyone is actively updating and why? Do you need another iPod Touch right now? Are you really going to wear the Nano on your wrist? And you’re lying if you say you’re getting a Nano because only crazy people buy Nanos. Thoughts? I’ve added a little Twitter comment box below so start commenting. I think I’ll get… Read More

  • Review: iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle

    I remember my first iPod very well. Shockingly, I was a little late to the party, waiting until the fourth generation iPod (now called the “iPod classic”) in 2004 to join the revolution. And I only bought one because I was planning to drive out to California (from Ohio) and I wanted enough music storage to last me the entire trip. I remember unboxing it and thinking: “wow, I… Read More

  • The New iPod Order: Click Wheel Dethroned, Touch Screen Crowned

    The New iPod Order: Click Wheel Dethroned, Touch Screen Crowned

    I remember my first iPod very well. Shockingly, I was a little late to the party, waiting until the fourth generation iPod (now called the “iPod classic”) in 2004 to join the revolution. And I only bought one because I was planning to drive out to California (from Ohio) and I wanted enough music storage to last me the entire trip. I remember unboxing it and thinking: “wow, I… Read More

  • iPod Touch Has a Vibrating Motor For Facetime Calls

    This just in: the new iPod Touch with front-facing camera (aka the iPhone Lite) has a built-in vibrating motor for notifications, including silent call notifications. Why is this important? Well, presumably the iPod Touch is now a Facetime phone and definitely needs new ways to interact with the user. I’m personally very excited. Read More

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